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How to Make Sure Your Lead Magnet Fits Your Product Funnel

Product funnels change over time. They have to. If yours doesn’t, then it’s probably out of date. It probably has products in it that no longer sell as they once did, and your revenue is likely to be considerably lower than it once was.

Healthy product funnels are constantly being rejuvenated. As the needs of prospects change, so must your products if they are to continue to solve the problems that they have.

But as your funnel changes, so must your free product. The two must remain consistent with each other. And seems to happen is that they get out of sync. The former is improved and added to, but the latter is forgotten altogether.

Think of it like this.

Let say that you want to find the mean of some numbers. The mean is what most people refer to as an average. In this example, the mean will represent the theme of your product funnel.

You have three products named 1, 2, and 3. When you had them together, you get 6, and 6/3 = 2. So 2 is the theme in this funnel.

Now let’s add some more products to your funnel: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. When you had these together, what’s the mean? 28 is the sum, but the mean is now 4. So the theme of this funnel has changed from two to four.

If your free product is consistent with two, then as it becomes four, it also becomes irrelevant. In other words, it doesn’t support your product funnel. And when that happens, it confuses all of your visitors.

A product funnel changes, so, too does the free product need to be revisited.

One way to keep your free product consistent with your funnel is to simply take one of those products and make it free.

Another way is to produce what amounts to a sample platter of what you offer. If you have seven products in your funnel, then you teach one level deep on all seven and then give it away as your free product.

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