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How to Test, Tweak, and Track an Email Campaign

Earlier I taught you how to write an effective interactive email campaign. I taught you and told you to do this and do that, etc., etc. And I gave you my emails for a couple of different current campaign formats. I say current because it’s always under evolution. In fact, I’m constantly doing evolution to it. That’s going to be the topic of this chapter; the testing, tweaking, tracking, it’s the whole evolution.
First, how do we get a campaign? Obviously we start out with some number of emails. We don’t know if they’ll convert. Now, how do we take the ones that do convert and make this into a campaign that over time will generate revenue?

It’s the testing, tweaking, and tracking; that’s the part that makes this profitable. Anyone can write 20 emails. I can sit down and write 20 emails for a brand new campaign today and they’re all going to convert. Obviously, I have the experience, many of you have the experience, some of the phrases that work. The thing is whenever we just jump into phraseology we open up a copy writing book and use phrases that tend to convert. But we have to be very careful when we integrate some of that sales language, some of that persuasive language, that it doesn’t sound so corny that it becomes fake.

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