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Launching Your Business with a Free Teleclass Series

This is a question I received from a new entrepreneur, and I thought it might help you:

Question: I want to create a product using teleseminars like you suggested. I guess I should just say, here’s a teleseminar series on XYZ situation, and here’s the cost. But I’m really new, I haven’t worked with a customer yet. I feel like I’m a total novice in that. Do you think I should just charge for the teleconference series? No matter what? How do I get started, exactly?

My Answer: I’m not saying that I think you should charge, what I’m saying you have to decide. Do you want to do a free teleseminar series for 6 weeks and record it? Or, do you want to charge? It ultimately doesn’t make any difference, really, right now.

Starting Out With a Free Teleseminar Series

You can easily do a 6 week free teleseminar series, just don’t ever tell anybody on the live call (when you’re recording it) that it’s free. After 6 weeks, then you take the 6 recordings, you put them all on the download page, and that now becomes your product.

And, nobody, except for the first 5 people who took that initial free teleseminar series, even knows that it was free. Everybody else is going to pay $19.97, or $47, or $97, or $197 – whatever – to access the material. Nobody ever has to know it was free after the 1st people.

Here’s another thing you can do with the free teleseminars that’s really versatile. It’s why I use Instant Teleseminar; every time I talk about a different topic I hit [End Record] and [Start Record]. I don’t have to go do any audio editing when I get done. It’s already pre-audio edited for me.

You’re going to do the same thing. You do your 45 minute free teleseminar, at the end of 45 minutes, you’re going to conclude your training, and you’re going to hit [End Record].

Upselling During Your Free Classes

Then you’re going to tell everybody that’s on the call, “Hey, by the way, congratulations for being here, if you missed the 1st week, these are all the things I covered the 1st week, and these are the things I’m going to cover next week, the week after, and the week after that. And, if you would just like to get all the recordings, and this is actually the only way you can get the 1st weeks recording, because you missed it, is for $97 you can prepay for access to the entire training program. And, of course, I’ll send you week 1 as well.”

What this allows you to do is (I’ve done this before) get sales every single week, because people missed the 1st 2 weeks. Then they got on the 3rd week and you blew them away with your intelligence and everything that you taught them.

“Boy, I really want what’s on week 1 and week 2, and I can’t get it free anymore.”

Because it was a free live call, but a free live call expires. It’s no longer live so it’s no longer free, now it’s paid. Now, if you want access to weeks 1 and 2, it’s $20 or $97 and they come as part of a package deal.

You’ve probably seen a lot of those kinds of things before in your niche. Where people have done expert summits with 12 different gurus. They’ve gotten together and they’ve said we’re going to go together, and each one of us is going to teach once a week, and you can come for free, but if you think you might miss some of the recordings, it’s $97 and you’ll get every single recording. So, you can even do, it’s free if you’re live, but it’s paid if it’s a recording.

Essentially, you do it any way you want to do it. Just do it – make it free, and 6 weeks from now you’ll have a new paid product.

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