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Mastery Lesson 51 – Beginning to Find Targeted Visitors

So far you’ve set up the foundation of your business – expert presence, daily content, products created, a coaching program, a daily email, and an introductory credibility and content email campaign.

Now that you have that foundation in place, you are probably ready to start attracting targeted visitors to your website, people who need what you have.

Now, this is a topic that is in a way never ending, finding prospects in your niche is not cookie cutter and changes over time, so it is hard to just say, “go to this source and it works for everyone,” and in fact, if we did that, then after a lot of business owners like you went to the same exact place for your targeted buyers’ needs, you would find the “source” to be “over-fished.”

So there are many many ways that you can find out where your prospects are and how to attract them to your site, and over the next few lessons I’ll introduce you to a few of them.

The lessons are extracted from some of my higher level traffic training programs, and I’ll list the package from which the specific training is extracted, in each lesson.

Start with this lesson today:

Introduction to Traffic Mastery

That is the first training out of about 20 trainings in this program:

Targeted Traffic Training Program

Homework: write down 3 places where your ideal buyers might hang out online.

— Sean Mize

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