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My Top Tips for Creating Your First Product

It’s time to create your product.  I want you to create a recorded product or class first so you can just get it done.

Start with your outline.  If you missed how to do that, go back to my ultra-simple product creation method.  This is going to serve as your master outline for all of these products.

Let’s talk about literally creating your first product.  You’re going to go in and select a portion of your outline that you would like to use for this product. So this might be, if you’re gardening, it might be just fruit gardening.  Or you might decide to create something that’s introductory, and you just spend a few minutes on each topic.  That’s okay as well.

If you’ve never done a recording before, this is not going to feel very good the first time around!

Do it anyway!

If it doesn’t turn out to be 3 hours worth of recording, it’s only an hour, you can make a decision. Do you want to include this now as a bonus on a future product?  Do you want to give this as a freebie to people that sign up on your list? Do you want to destroy it and start over?

Here’s a secret: 99% of the time, when you feel like destroying it and starting over, you really shouldn’t.  It’s good enough to at least give away. It really is. Unless it’s just absolute horrible job, you must, absolutely must get over the idea of perfection.

When you listen to me teach, I’m teaching off of an outline.  That means I don’t have every word prepared.  And that means that I’m going to speak in phrases.  It means that from time to time, I might stutter, or mumble or have to think of something, or pronounce something incorrectly. I may use bad grammar. I may act confused.  I may have to cough. It does not effect the quality of the content.

Just Turn on the Mic and Go

Get your mic, hit record, and go.  Don’t stop when you cough.  Don’t stop when you “um.”  Just record.

Obviously, you want to do everything you can to make the recording as cleans as possible.  If you’re having a really bad day and your throat is sore because you have a really bad case of the flu, that’s probably not the best day to a recording.

However, do not let little things like coughs and “ums” and “ahs” and things you forget, and things you do out of order.  Don’t let that make you re-record something.  Put it in your class or product. Your buyers will let you know if a particular recording is a problem.

I remember in the past where I’ve done 10 hours worth of recording, and I don’t always listen to every recording when I’m done, I just assume that it’s good.  I use good solid software, I always assume that it’s good.  All of a sudden, when people get to say the 3rd recording, I get a whole bunch of emails that says “Wow, we can’t understand, there’s too much background noise” or whatever the case is.  What do I do?  I simply say, “boy, I apologize.  Go onto recording 4, I’ll take care of this for you.”  Then, I either fix the recording, if it’s possible, or I just record it over.  I just record again.  It’s no big deal.  It really isn’t.  Don’t this to be a big deal for you.  Making this a big deal will be a roadblock for you.

You have the outline and now you’ve decided you’re going to create an entry-level product based on some portion of that outline.

When you first start out, I recommend you give yourself at least 10 – 20 topics talk about for a 60 minute recording.  Then ask yourself to simply speak for 3 to 6 minutes on each topic. I guarantee you, if you know your business, you can speak from 3 to 6 minutes on any topic on that page.

In fact, if you will simply allow yourself to speak as if you were educating a friend over lunch who happened to ask about your niche, my guess is you’ll record a whole lot more than 6 minutes for every topic.

When you first get started, you might want to time it.  You might want to say, hey, I need to speak for at least 5 minutes on this topic.  If you go over, that’s okay, who cares if it takes you 3 hours to do what you thought would be an hour.  Well, 3 hours, you thought it was going to be an hour, great, you have your product, maybe an upsell too.

Write a sales page, be done with it. Get that training out there to you list and get started on the next one.  You’ll get better and better, and each training will get you feedback for the next.  You have to start somewhere.

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