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Outline of a Simple, Successful Launch Email

What about launch e-mails?

Here’s what I do, I have a special launch e-mail that I use, and I’m going to tell you what that e-mail looks like. It works really, really well for me. I believe I learned this, I believe Jason Parker taught me to do this, a LONG time ago. And, I tried it once and it worked.

By this point I’ve decided my product name and that’s the subject line.

Then “Okay, here it is,” or “Okay, I’m ready to share it,” or “Okay, it’s live,”

Then there’s a link to whatever it is, hyperlinked with the name of it.

By the way, my subject line usually matches my headline, the anchor text on the link usually matches my headline, I find the conversion rates are higher if my headline is used in the e-mail.

Again, then it says “It’s Live! This is your early-bird access, you can get the lowest price because it’s on a dime sale, so the price goes up as people buy,” this is early-bird access to, and then the link for the link is “It’s live”,

Finally sign off and then do a P.S.: you’re going to love and then the anchor text to the product and then exclamation mark.

That works really well for 90 day buyers – people who have purchased from me in the last 90 days.

My second e-mail is normally something like: “Here’s what you get in the XYZ WSO,” and then the e-mail says, “What you get in the XYZ WSO. And there’s a link to it.

And then I just copy and paste some bullet points out of the sales letter, and then put a link to it in the middle of the bullet points that says, are you ready to buy, if so click here, and then at the end it says, if you’re ready to discover these things, click here. And so, that’s my second e-mail.

I RARELY send a third e-mail.

If I send a third e-mail, it’s probably going to be your final chance. It’s either going to be the final chance because I’m closing the WSO, or it’s the final chance before I raise the price by a couple of bucks or something, because, I’m just raising the price. Because it creates scarcity, so, I raise the price. Because people respond to final chance e-mails. So I send a final chance e-mail before the price goes up, then twenty-four hours or so later, then I increase the price by a couple of bucks. Anybody that buys after that pays the higher price. That’s the reward for buying it with the scarcity.

So that e-mail might read, final chance to get the XYZ before the price goes up. E-mail itself, that’s the subject line, e-mail itself says final chance to get XYZ before the price goes up. Then, there’s a link to it, and then, usually, that’s it. Usually, the link will also say, final chance. Sometimes underneath that I’ll put the bullet points.

Now, if I only run two e-mails. I may run the first e-mail, and then the final chance. I may leave OUT the one with the bullet points. Or, I may do that one and not do a final chance. It really depends on how I feel, it depends on how it’s converting, if I’m doing a WSO today, and then two days later I’m doing another WSO, I may not want to burn my list out on WSO sales of this item, when I’ve already got affiliates promoting, I might just want to go to another product, and have them buying on the new product instead.

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