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Positioning Yourself as an Expert to Your Prospects

The second thing that needs to happen is that you must build value.  They must believe that you know more than they do.

The way we do that is twofold:

1. Give them strong content, and teach them things no one else is willing to teach.

The argument might be, “Well, if I give it all away for free why will they pay for me?”  Remember, you’re selling a coaching portion.  People who are buying coaching programs are generally not looking for the information, they usually already know it.  People buy coaching for implementation.  People buy coaching for step by step.  People buy coaching so that they can ask you questions.

You can give them all of the information for free in the email campaign, and there will hardly be anybody that will implement it!! There’s always one person out of one thousand that will.  Who cares?  You’re still going to build a relationship with the people that are going to buy coaching with you later.

2. The second thing that builds value is if you have a very high ticket coaching program in your funnel.

I want you to imagine that you were to work with someone personally for one full year, giving them unlimited access to you.  This means they can call you on your cell phone at any time.  They could come visit you in your town once per month for three days.  They get unlimited access to you.  Now, not obviously disrespectful access, you can set hours.  You can say, “Call me on my cell phone from 9-3; that’s when I’ll be available.”  Whatever your hours are that you decide, you can give them.  You teach them everything you know, you give them everything you have in your niche.  You create a 25 hour training just for them, for example.

You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t want anyone to have unlimited access.”  So, put a price on it. What price could someone put on what I just shared with you, and you’d accept it?  Would you turn down $5,000 for unlimited access?  I would, but you might not.  Would you turn down $10,000? I would.  Would you turn down $20,000 or $30,000?  Ah… now you might be thinking.  If someone wired you $30,000 and you had a choice of giving them unlimited cell phone access, and come visit you in your town 3 days a month… obviously you’d schedule it ahead of time…  and they wouldn’t stay in your house, they’d stay in a hotel, etc.  You would have a choice, either give them one year of unlimited access or wiring the money back, which would you do?  If your answer is that you’d wire it back, then what would you do with $50,000? What price would make it worth it to you?

So, you have a number, let’s just say that number is $30,000; that’s the number that you would accept.  Then that’s your highest high ticket coaching program.  You have a $30,000 unlimited access coaching program.  This is what it is, we’re not going to negotiate, it’s not $29,900 it’s not 30 payments of $1,000.  It’s one payment of $30,000.

Once you’ve resolved in your mind what price this high ticket item is going to have, let’s list it out: unlimited cell phone access, 3 days per week with you, up to 3 days per month, and if they don’t come for that month, it’s on them.  So, if they say, I’m too busy in December that’s okay, you don’t add another month at the end, it’s 12 months.  If they only come one time for three days, that’s on them also.  You’re giving them unlimited access to you, think about this, the first week that you gave someone unlimited access, they might want to talk to you for about 2 hours.  If you give them homework assignments, they’re not going to call you until they have done their homework assignments.

So, they call you back in 10 days, now you only have to talk for 45 minutes, you review what you’ve already given them then you give them their next assignment.  They call back in another 10 days and it’s a 20 minute phone call.  No one is going to continue to call you until they’ve done the prior work, so as long as you give them work to do, that’s relevant, they aren’t going to call you 25 times per day.

You load all these things in, you create a quick sales page for it.  You then put a payment button or wire instructions, don’t put the entire wire instructions, you don’t want to put your bank account number on your web page.  Just put instructions on getting in touch with you on making a wire payment.  Or, you could put a payment button for let’s say $1,000 down payment through pay pal or your merchant account because you don’t want an entire $35,000 payment coming through your merchant account to create a bunch of red flags.  You want them to give you the down payment of $1,000 then you give them instructions on how to wire the rest.  Put that on your sales page.

What you do is create a positioning element that shows that you’re worth $30,000.  You cannot tell me that you’re not, if you’re willing to give all of that out for $35,000 but not for $25,000, I believe that you’re worth $30,000.  You should believe that as well.

Quick review: we’re going to sell a high ticket item up front, why?  Because it makes the money come in the fastest.  That’s the whole purpose in this.  Number two, in order to do this we must have an email campaign that has credibility, builds value and builds trust.  That means that it needs to have credibility items in it, it needs to have value elements in it which has a high ticket item in it, which in the example we used was $30,000.

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