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Sample Email Script

After 30 days you’re going to write each person a personalized email.  I’m going to give you a sample script here.  But, it’s just a sample. The reason I stress this is so often when I use the word script, people just copy and paste what I say.  But, it doesn’t fit your style.

I’m going to give you some words that I might use if I were to pen this email right now:

This email is basically going to tell them “Hey, I have a list in your niche, I think it could be valuable to your subscribers, would you be interested in doing some kind of mailing?”

There’s a few different ways that you can phrase that, I’ll write what I would uses if I were to be emailing someone today.

But 30 days from now it might be different.  It would be the words that I came up with that day.  Today it might look like:

Dear Johnny,
My name is John Doe, and I’ve been on your list for about 30 days.  I appreciate the value that you give your subscribers.  (Or maybe you’ve learned something from that list, I appreciate the things that I’ve learned from you.  Or, maybe you’ve bought something from them.  I appreciated learning about X Y Z in your A B C training.)  I’ve got a quick question for you.  I’m in kind of a related niche, I teach people how to do X Y Z, and I believe that some of my training might be helpful to some of your subscribers.  Would you be open to talking about doing some kind of mailing or solo ad or ad swap, etc. to your list?  If so, let me know.

And, you can let them hit reply to the email.

If you would like to use Skype perhaps, say, “hey, here’s my Skype handle.”  Or here’s my email address. Or, if you would like to talk to them on the phone, you could include your phone number.

Trust me, you’re mailing professional list owners that have real lists.  You’re not going to get a whole bunch of phone calls from people that are going to waste your time.  If they call you, it’s going to be a valuable 5-minute phone call.  You put your phone number in the email: they call you, or they Skype you, or they email you back.  They say “I would like to know a little bit more about what you have, or what your offer is, or what you want to do.”  If they don’t look at the offer, that’s a red flag right there, they SHOULD look at the offer.

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