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The Case for Incredible Content

Think about this. What is the thing that you want people to do when they come to your website? Do you want them to engage? Yes. Do you want them to share? Make it easy to share. Or ask them to share. And, then if they share, and when new people come to the website you ask them to share, and then you get this sharing mentality. Of course, people share on places like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and all the social media places. That’s where they share. Remember that when they share, they’re sharing the original content that’s on your website with all their friends over there. I think that’s one of the problems with all this training that’s out there about how to build a list to 50k people on Facebook. The truth of the matter is, if that training worked, then everybody who bought the training on how to get 50k friends on their Facebook would just follow the training and the next month you would have 50k. But for all of you that have tried the get 50k friends on your Facebook page, and you still only have 200, why?

Here’s what I believe. I don’t believe you’re doing anything wrong. I believe that the training is slightly mixed up, and they don’t even know it. They’re not purposely doing this. If you look at the people who have the biggest Facebook lists… Who are they?

They’re people who already have a following. The movie stars already have a following. They’re just asking people to go to their Facebook page. The people who have big websites, and big followings on Facebook. Did the followings start on Facebook? Or, did they invite people from their website? I submit to you that they invited people from their website. They didn’t grow it on Facebook. Facebook is a reflection of what’s happening in their business. It’s the same thing all the way across the board.

If you say, I’m going to build this huge community on G+. The problem is, you’re building a community on G+ that’s never going to go outside of their comfort zone. Sure, the 1%, well maybe. But, can you build a business on 1%? I don’t believe so.

Same thing with Facebook, if you build it all on Facebook, where do these people want to hang out? Facebook. What happens on Facebook, people just share stuff for free all day long. Honestly, if you’re building this big network on Facebook, how are you going to get them to spend $100 with you? This is about building your big business website. That’s what I want to show you. If you build up your big business website and then ask people to share you on Facebook, that’s where the virality comes in, but quit focusing on building this big Facebook list. Quit focusing on building this big G+ list, this big LinkedIn list, this big Pinterest list, this big Instagram list, that’s not where it’s at!

Where it’s at is on your website! But you use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Bing, Google+, YouTube, and all those places to share your message. But, it starts on your website! If your website is worthless, nobody is going to want to share it! It goes back to this idea. Why have I been hammering this home? Put good content on your website!

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