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The Key to Creating Products That Sell

Let’s talk about creating products now.

There’s one assumption here that is critical. It’s a critical assumption if you’re in information marketing. And, that critical assumption is that you know your topic. You know your niche.

Unfortunately many people staring an online business are told that they really don’t need to know very much about their niche. They can just interview experts. They can use affiliate products. They can fake it till they make it. I tend to really disagree with all of that. I believe that when you get started in information marketing the first thing that you need to do is get an education in your niche.

Obviously if your online niche is the same as your offline niche… if you’re a doctor, or psychologist by trade, and your offline niche is medicine or psychology, then it would be really easy because you already have the knowledge.

But, if you’re coming online, and you don’t have any knowledge about your topic, the very first thing that you need is an education.

You’ve Got to Know Your Niche

It’s just like, you know, somebody wants to go become a dentist, they can’t just hang a sign that says “Dentist, come on in, we’ll try and clean your teeth, and if you have one that hurts, we’ll try to rip it out.” No, they’re going to go and get an education.

Even if you were to decide you wanted to franchise a sandwich shop you would have to go get an education. It might be a shorter education, but you’re going to have to find things out. Where do I buy bread? How do we make a sandwich? What things do people like on their sandwiches? Do they like mayonnaise, or mustard, or ketchup? What kind of meats should we use?

You’re going to have to learn how to make a sandwich. You’re going to have to learn how to bake the bread, if you’re going to bake the bread. You’re going to have to learn how to run the cash register. You’re going to have to learn some basic marketing. Are we going to send fliers out? What are we going to do?

Becoming an Expert in Your Niche

Anytime that you start a brand new business, you have to get an eduction. I also believe that this is something the people so often leave out of information marketing. They think that, for some reason or another, they don’t have to get any kind of an education. I understand why. There’s so many sales pages out there that say, “just use my magic system, pay me this money, fill in these blanks, and the money will just come right back to you tenfold. It’s automatic, you just do this, and it happens. No education needed. You don’t need to know anything.”

We see this so much online. We see all of, we see so many sales letters that really focus on the fact that you don’t need any education, you can be uneducated, maybe you can be illiterate, you just don’t need to know anything to start an online business.

Obviously I agree with the fact that you don’t need a college education. You don’t have to have a certain type of a background. Unfortunately, I believe that idea of you don’t need an education, that idea that you don’t need to know anything, that you can start from scratch, that all you need to know how to do is turn your computer on… I believe that misleads people into believing that they don’t have to have knowledge about what they’re going to be teaching.

If you’re in information marketing, you’re teaching.

If you’re teaching, you HAVE to know your material.

So, you have to have an education.

Take 30 days and get an education in your niche. Go to the bookstore and buy every book on the shelf that’s on your topic. Go to the library and read every book on the shelf that’s on your topic. Go to and buy 25 books that are on your topic. And read and study them all. And, read through the bibliography and see if you can find some other books to buy and read.

Go out and buy all of your competition’s products. You buy all of your competitions product’s and learn everything your competition knows, and you’ll know more than any one of your competition combined. You’ll be an expert in your niche.

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