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Where to Focus Your Blueprint

I’m going to give you the ideal formula for your 1-year blueprint. You can break this down into 3-month blueprint, 6-month blueprint, whatever ultimately works for you.  This is going to be the formula for a 1-year blueprint.  I’m going to build this blueprint based on starting from zero.  Then I’ll make some adjustments for someone who’s already progressed.

The example I’m going to use is not going to be a “one size fits all” blueprint.  The process I’m going to use is an easy process.

It’s the same process I use almost every single day.  If I do a daily activity, for example, let’s say I decide I’m going to create a new product today…  I use my blueprint process, and it’s a 1-day blueprint.  I create a 1-day blueprint, and then I go do it.

Let’s do a 1-year blueprint:

We’ll say that in 1 year you want to have 5 products.  You want to have 1 coaching program.  You want to have 2.4k subscribers.  That’s what you want.

We could put a dollar number down here.  But, I’ve discovered that when you just shoot for a numerical number, you focus so hard on the number that you don’t create the products, or the coaching, or the subscribers.  And if you don’t have the products, coaching, or subscribers, you probably don’t make the money!

I’ve discovered that if you create the products, you create the coaching, and you get the subscribers and you talk to them every day via email or social media (however you like to talk), you find that the money just follows.

One of the things that I teach in one of my other training programs is this idea that you can’t make money.  The only power on earth that is empowered to make money is the central banking institution of your country.  Anywhere else that you try to make money, you’ll go to jail and be locked up for a really long time when you get caught.  It is against the law on this earth to “make”” money.  You can’t make money.  The only organization that can make money is the central banking organization of your country.  The treasury department.  They’re the only people who can make money.

Sometimes you may say, well, what about gold?  When they have a gold mine they go out there and they make gold.

They’re not making money.  God put that gold in the ground, God made the money, and they generally are using slave labor, blood, sweat, tears, and lots of hard work to dig the gold out of the ground.  They didn’t “make” any money.

They exchanged the blood, sweat, tears, human labor for the gold which they put on the market and they exchanged the gold for money that was printed by the central government.  You don’t make money.  You don’t make money online.  It’s impossible to make money online.  You exchange a value to others in exchange for their money.  How did they get their money?  They worked for it.  Or they were given it.  But they didn’t “make” it.

The only way that you generate that revenue online, legally, is you exchange a value for the money.  That’s why we sell products, coaching, and depending on what you’re doing, you may sell a service.  You may do something for someone.

You might walk their dog.  Or you might paint their house.  Or you might build their blog, and then you charge them a fee.  But you’re exchanging your service for their money, and then that money goes into your bank account.

That’s why if you focus on money, it tends to be very difficult to build the business.  If you instead ask yourself “what kind of structure do I need for this money to happen, what do I have to give others in order for the money to come in?” ……

…Then you just work on what you can give others, and the money tends to come in.  You see, internet marketing is very, very much others-centered.  It’s service centered.  Unless you’re in a very rare niche, you are not the only person selling this in your market.  You’re a service provider.

It’s like in the offline world, when you decide you’re going to paint your house – you might call 5 different painting contractors, and have them come out to your house and they’ll give you a bid.  The bid price is probably not the most important thing, unless you’re working on a rental or something.  If you have 5 people give you 5 different prices, do you just automatically go with the lowest price?  Probably not.  You’ll probably evaluate the way the person is dressed.  You probably evaluate how they speak with you.  Do they get along with your dog?  Are they polite to your wife or your husband or your children?   It’s a service.  They’re selling you a service.  Part of the package of the service is how they treat you.

It’s exactly the same way online.

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