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Why You Need a Coaching Program Right Away

Now I want to imagine that creating these things is really easy.  Because with the coaching program, all you have to do is show up 1 time a week for 1 hour and teach everybody that shows up.  I mean, really, that’s all that has to be done for coaching.  Coaching doesn’t even have to come with lessons.  It really can be live!

You could do 1 on 1 with your first client; you can do it with a group of 8 people – however many you have signed up.  Now that’s coaching.

Coaching is really easy.  Coaching does not have to be developed ahead of time.  None of the lessons have to be created ahead of time. What’s really nice about none of the lessons having to be created ahead of time is that there’s absolutely zero preparation that has to go in before you sell your 1st coaching client.  Now, obviously, once you sell your 1st coaching client, you’re going to find out what that client wants to learn about. That might take you an hour or two, and then you may spend an hour preparing your first call.

When you’ve been doing it for a few years like I have, if I spend 5 minutes preparing for my weekly coaching call, that’s a lot of time.  I know my topic inside and out, I’m going to ask people, “hey, what do you want to learn today?”  They’re going to say, “I want to learn this.”  I’m going to say, “okay, great, I’m going to teach on it.”  If for some reason someone asks me something I can’t teach on, because I don’t have all the data right in front of me, I can say, “Okay, great, I can teach on that next week.”  Then next week there will be a little bit of preparation time on my part.

This coaching element takes almost no time to prepare.  Any information marketer in my opinion should have a coaching program almost immediately.

Unfortunately, what I find is that most people wait a year or 2 or more to create a coaching program because for whatever reason they’re either afraid that it’s not going to sound right, or they’re afraid that nobody is going to buy, or whatever.  But

I just don’t believe that either one of those things are good reasons to not have a coaching program.  Everybody should have a coaching program from the very 1st week.

Just meet whatever people’s needs are when they sign up for the coaching.  If you only have 1 client, that’s okay.  If you have 10 clients, that’s okay.  If you have 100 clients, that’s okay.  Everybody is on that one phone call, and you just teach whatever people want.  It’s totally on the fly every week.

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