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Before You Study Anything Else About Writing Your Email Campaign

If you studied the last lesson, you know all you need to know to write emails that are effective and build relationships over time via email.

But you’re likely thinking you want to know more . . . so in the next few lessons I’ll give you more.

But I want to be upfront: there are many ideas and different ways to write emails and campaigns, and they won’t all work together!

You’ll have to pick and choose how you are going to do it.

I say all this to say: don’t let the next few lessons overwhelm you – just take what you need and leave the rest behind!

And if you are still in the first 10 days of writing a daily email, I would personally recommend you simply leave these following email lessons for later, and work on something else!!



Advanced Conversational Email Writing
How to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch
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