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Explanation of Traffic and Attracting Prospects Terms

The commonly used term in the im marketspace for inviting people who need what you have to your website is “traffic” To me, traffic is a bunch of cars on I-95 at rush hour. Traffic is megabytes of data swooshing through a copper or laser configured underground wire to get you your online videos streaming fast.

Traffic is NOT real humans who need what you have.

Personally, I believe that is one of the real problems with folks getting “traffic” online . . . they are looking for something that isn’t real. “Traffic” isn’t real, it’s just terminology.

I submit to you that what you REALLY want is interested humans who need what you have.

In a nutshell, you want targeted prospects. But wait, isn’t that a bit cold? Like fishing with a big net and hoping to catch a few “targeted prospects”

Why not think of “attracting people who need what you can teach or serve”?

Think of “traffic” as “attracting people who need what you have”

So although I may often use the industry-standard colloquialism in my trainings or lessons, please interpret that as “attracting the right people to your website” or “attracting people who need what you have”



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