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6 Week Big Business Class

Welcome to the 6 Week Big Business Training Class!

There are several immediate steps to take, and there will be a few more over the coming days:


  1. Be sure and listen to this training, if you haven’t completely listened yet: Intro Training Call (Niche Consolidation Call)
  2. Fill out this: Blueprint Outline Question Guide Take your time, spend some time really thinking through it, once it’s the best you can possibly do, send it in to me, then I’ll evaluate/give you feedback/etc. as necessary to prepare you for week 1 training
  3. Choose a domain name, here are some suggestions: Choose a Domain Name
  4. Start thinking about what your site will “look like” Look and feel is a big thing. Think about sites YOU like the way they look, don’t like the way they look. Start drawing, follow these ideas: Big Business Mockup
  5. I haven’t set a first-class time yet because I want you to finish all of the above steps before the first live class. The reason for that is that the first live class is going to be very action oriented, meaning that you will go out and build your site that week. If we don’t have this groundwork in place, you won’t be able to do it. So I truly encourage you to finish all the above steps, anything you want my feedback on, please email me, I will help you, but be specific about what you want advice/opinions on.

    This is going to be a full and active 6 weeks, and I want you fully prepared when we start. Your mind is active right now, excited about building . .

    So if you complete all these steps and chomping at the big to start, start writing articles about your topic, you will be able to use these on your site, and if you write them now while you are excited and sleepless, you will get the content part done faster!

  6. Let’s build a BIG BUSINESS!


Big Business Class Mockup
Big Business Niche Consolidation Training
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