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100 Trainings You Can Re-Teach

Congratulations! You have chosen an incredible-value package that will take your marketing to the next level!

Directions: Choose one training per week, listen to it, take detailed notes, then reteach in your own words.

Use my 1-hour sales letter template in the bonuses below to write your own sales letter, and use my WSO Master Formula to learn how to launch a big business on the Warrior Forum, JVzoo, Udemy (a little tweaking needed) or even Clickbank . . or better yet, create your own network!!!

Here are the access pages to study the original training:

The wso download pages are listed in several places, the newest ones first, then the older ones.

==>WSO Package A

==>WSO Package B

==>WSO Package C

==>WSO Package D

==>WSO Package E


To make it easy to get started, just choose the few you want to start marketing with, maybe
choose one to put on udemy or jvzoo and take action, do that one first.
When I launched these, I created them one at a time, sold them one
at a time, not all at once. You’ll do the same thing, just listen to each training, one per week, take notes, and re-teach and then sell one per week!

Sales letters:

Note: these are only for reference, and to get ideas. Create YOUR OWN sales letters with the 1 hour simple sales letter template below

As I mentioned on the sales letter for this offer, I’m a typical
entrepreneur, and I’m not totally organized. So when I wrote the sales
letters for the WF, I would simply copy and paste the BB code into a
text file, name it something I thought was relevant (even do that???)
and hoped I never needed it. And I never realized I would do this kind
of offer for sure . . . so it’s a big messy.

I’ve zipped
everything up, in a few different files, and named them according to
about what’s in there. If you aren’t used to BB code, go to the Warrior
Forum, create a test blog page, copy and paste the BB code in there,
then preview (or use their sandbox). Then you should be able to copy and
paste the resultant page content into a Word file –

Ok, here goes:

==>This contains my most recent, these are html

==>This is the bulk of the BB code sales letters

==>This contains some more sales letters, might contain some useless files too

==>This contains most of the upsell sales pages

Bonus formulas:

My 1-hour sales letter template:

Simple Sales Letter Template

My process for building the Warrior Forum Business:

My Process For Building the Warrior Forum Business

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach

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