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6 Core Training Repurpose Rights

Congratulations for choosing my Repurpose Rights Package: These packages come with rights to repurpose, reword, rerecord, use for ideas, firestarter for your trainings. As you know, one big challenge to creating your own im training is that you don’t know what to teach each week. With this package, just select a training each week, listen…

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268,000 words content

Here is your 268,000 words content file: 268,000 words content file Use this for ideas to create your own membership lessons, just choose a page in the package, read that page, then write it in your own words and title it – and bam! you have a membership lesson. Do this each day for 500…

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100 Trainings You Can Re-Teach

Congratulations! You have chosen an incredible-value package that will take your marketing to the next level! Directions: Choose one training per week, listen to it, take detailed notes, then reteach in your own words. Use my 1-hour sales letter template in the bonuses below to write your own sales letter, and use my WSO Master…

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