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6 Core Training Repurpose Rights

Congratulations for choosing my Repurpose Rights Package:

These packages come with rights to repurpose, reword, rerecord, use for ideas, firestarter for your trainings. As you know, one big challenge to creating your own im training is that you don’t know what to teach each week. With this package, just select a training each week, listen to it, take notes, then record or write a lesson for your membership, weekly training, or coaching program.

You won’t run out of ideas for 5 or 10 years or more!!!!

Note: you cannot resell any of these, you can use these for ideas and repurpose, reword, rerecord, use for ideas, or firestarter for your trainings

Package 1: 50 rock-solid, evergreen training programs

Package 2: Get 1000 Internet-Marketing Niche Lessons you can deliver in your membership

Package 3: Get 3 Coaching Programs You can Repurpose as Your Own

Package 4: Get 4 Big Ticket Trainings I’ve sold for $387 – $2000

Package 5: Get 100 low-ticket trainings you can repurpose – imagine having an idea a week for 100 weeks

Package 6: Get a 268,000 word doc on dozens of topics, you can use this as firestarter for 5 years of weekly training

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