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Bob Moore

4:45 — Get up (for clarification, that’s AM not PM)
5:00 — Shave
5:15 — Coffee/ check email
5:30 — Shower
5:50 — Pack up, prepare lunches for me and the wife
6:30 — Drive to work (we both work at the same school; it’s awesome. The running joke is that I’m the boss at work, and she’s the boss at home. Truer words were never spoken.)
7:30-2:00 — Teach my butt off
2:15-ish — Come home
3:00 — Take our two four-legged daughters for a walk
3:30-6:15-ish — Total focus on my business
6:30 — Dinner
7:00 — Hunker down and watch some TV and grade some papers
10:30-ish or 11:00-ish — Bed
Do it all over the next day

Oh yeah, and lest I forget, there’s some wine drinking time between 5:00 and bed (the wife and I love wine). I guess we all have to have some kind of vice.

Cripes. . .I didn’t realize I did that much during the course of a day 🙂

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