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Norma Allen

One of the best insights into the development of good habits that I’ve seen came from the book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance by Jonathan Fields. His theory is that creative people have so much uncertainty in their lives, “Will people buy my product? What if people criticize my work?” etc., that they need rock solid habits in their everyday lives to allow for the uncertainty in their creative lives. Hence people like Steve Jobs and Dean Kamen adopting a uniform of sorts, wearing the same clothes by habit, so they can free their minds for creative thought. Brilliant!!

That said, all my good business habits are out the window right now due to my uncertain eyeballs (as I recover from recent surgery.)

I organize in notebooks. I use Post-its but don’t trust them for important things. They fall down behind the furniture etc.

Have a great week, Friends!

Norma Esler

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