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Sean Mize

I feel like someone just wrote this for me 🙂

Wake up

Quiet Time

Reflection Time

Strategic Business Time (Analog, this is thinking with no devices, then paper to document thoughts (sometimes)

Take action and implement what I thought about in the previous session Time

PreneurPal Time

Any other tidbits that need to happen

Dog walk time (3-5 miles)

Free time

Note there’s no time beside each . . . I generally do each in that order, the dog sometimes demands a walk earlier, so she slots in earlier.

But no time.

Each takes as long as it does, then move to the next.

Key: My time is not defined by an inbox, a social media account (or the inherent feeling of responsibility to reply to social media or emails), instead, I set my day based on what I’ve determined is important and either: a) changes someone’s life b) changes many lives or c) moves my business along (and my business has as it’s primary goal in everything I do, that of changing lives)

So everything in my business is dictated by making those 3 things happen (and of course having the wisdom to charge when appropriate 🙂 ))


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