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Leslie Leftley

Hi Suzanne,

That certainly helps a lot. and thank you for the time you have taken out to help me.

I don’t actually help anyone, just yes with questions of self esteem..etc, but that is what I am drawn to, when it comes to starting an online business.

I will have to think long and hard as to why I ended up in the whole Personal development mindset thing. I think it was a combination of a guy who I know, who is simply a genius at all the mindset stuff. His enthusiasm awoke within me something that was always there and that was a huge urge to take the whole damned world by the scruff of the neck and scream, “this is how you should treat each other, this is how you can get on better”.

Sounds corny I know. How dare a guy aged 58, an underachiever, a serial procrastinator, so far anyways, and STILL in the research stage for an online business have such high and mighty ambitions.

Believe it or not, and if I go a lot further back I think it is my lifelong interest in Military history and GEO politics. What has that to do with Mindset? Well a lot actually..if only the likes of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin been able to look into themselves and examine the hatred within their minds…what could the world have been like now? Maybe a lot further foreword internationally, in solving racial, religious and sexual equality questions. Or then again, maybe not. Sure in the case of those aforementioned tyrants there were external circumstances that connived and converged to raise them to power. But it was their own states of mind, and unbending wills, that led directly to the tens of millions of dead prior to and during World War 2.

If I can change the mindset of only a few thousand people, it might just be the start of an avalanche of common sense, tolerance and friendship around this planet of ours. And bring us closer to become equals, and all citizens of Earth, rather than far too many of us being sabre rattling, jingoistic and blinkered individuals led by worse.

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