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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi everyone,

    Now please stick with me I will, eventually get onto the topic of research.

    Now…I am a British guy in his late fifties, and have spent several years learning bits and pieces on various types of IM, buying BSOs, but never really taking any action. So lack of progress is all down to yours truly.

    I notice that there are quite a few people, within the group, that already have online businesses and skills far superior to mine. When it comes to actually getting a website set up, starting a blog or making and selling my own products, I only know part of the theory of how to do those things, and so I class myself as a novice, but not a newbie (hate that word).

    I love the idea of this group, and helping and supporting each other, but I am afraid I won’t be winning any prizes from Sean for the support or practical help I could honestly provide anyone at this juncture.

    So hats off to those who have opened multiple questions and already offered help and advice. I salute you all.

    However, I do not want to run before I can walk, and that brings me onto research (at last I hear you say!). I know most of the theory for finding a niche, based on an existing interest I may have. A a niche that has people seeking help and answers about something which takes away their pain or provides them with pleasure. And, of course, a market where thee are plenty of those same people who are willing to part with their money in exchange for the World Class help I want to give them.

    I will be focusing on the Self development niche..although it is really to big to be called a niche. It is, rather, a category with thousands of niches within it. I just can’t seem to tie one down that really enthralls me. (My interests are so wide and varied within Self Development you see). I can still start broad and then niche down, I know that, but what should I study to begin with?

    Should I just take a look at the top Self Development websites, FB groups and forums and go from there?

    How long should I spend, before I, at least, settle on a starting point?

    And from that point, how long should I then research my chosen niche, to enable me to provide better help than is currently out there?

    Sorry about this rather long, rambling series of questions, but I am thinking as I type, a failure of mine.

    Any thoughts, musings or suggestions would be more than gratefully accepted

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    Remcy Mongrue

    Hey, I’m interested in the same niche, nice to met you leslie,

    1. you could look at self-development websites, lifehacker, zen habits, (type in google top self-developement websites) and see what the top sites are doing that is your competition, i know it’s going to be hard but try to see if these websites are missing something that you could offer.
    2 you could type a question in google that you have been pondering or think someone might be think of and see if anyone has a solution to it
    (example: Why is the number one regret among the dying “I wish I lived a life true to myself instead of what others expected of me”)
    oh man you will find a lot info just by doing that alone in forums,group chat etc. perhaps you could think of answer if even a basic one and start from there and expand it into a course, training etc,
    3. Government websites also help a lot actually such as (bureau of labor statistics, and the census bureau) and looking at statistics of what people are having problems with versus what people excel in, actually you can use this in line with step 2 to create a product,
    4. look at amazon for top selling personal development books and see what the synopsis is about. this may give you an idea of what you can focus on or you could combine ideas from 3-5 top selling books and create a basic product outline and expand from there.

    These are some of the tips I’ve learned over the years on how to create a product, time spent? depends on how busy you are.
    hope that helps.

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi Remcy,

      Great to meet you.

      Thanks for the solid advice, I was aware of it, but it shows you obviously know how to research. More importantly it displays a willingness to share and be part of this community.

      I am time rich and money poor:) So it’s up to me just to dive in and start the research I guess.

      Serving and sharing within this community should give us both a great grounding in serving our eventual customers and clients.

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    Don Sturgill

    Look at yourself first, Leslie. What do you have to offer? Where is your expertise? What are people amazed at that you know or do that seems easy for you? If you’re going to California, it’s quicker to begin in Nevada than in Vermont. The closer you are now to where you want to be, the sooner you can get there.

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      Leslie Leftley

      Great way to look at it Don. Love the Geographical reference and it makes a lot of sense (Although I would relate more to English Counties…lol.

      I think wast I have to offer is the ability to empathize with others while still being able to take in the total picture. I wish to try and give hope and advice, while learning myself, on how to get the most out of the life by facing our innermost fears.

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    Bruce Hoag

    What part of that “niche” do you feel compelled to work in?

    When you write a blog post, what is the topic that you gravitate to naturally?

    Focus on that.

    Write down a dozen or so principles or concepts that define that one part. Then write down another dozen or so parts under each of them.

    Now write about all 100-150 topics that you have listed.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your input.

      Ah ha…the matrix approach. Fantastic, but I don’t yet have a starting point. I feel compelled to save the world, but I can’t practically do that, so I will have to niche it down. And at the end of the day we are all in business to make our lives more comfortable, by exchanging value for financial reward. So whatever niche I end up beginning my journey with, will have to have a sufficient market with an unfulfilled and/or badly served need.

      I am starting the practical sides of this from scratch, so I haven’t even blogged yet. As I have mentioned, in another thread, I have a lot of theory, learned over the years about certain aspects of self development, but have never set up anything business wise. So I am a novice in setting up websites/blogs/sales letters/email sequences etc etc etc. But when I am at that stage it is comforting to know that there are more experienced members of this community that I can reach out to for more practical help.

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    Bob Moore


    Self-development/improvement is a huuuuuuge niche. It’s one of those where it’s impossible to be all things to all people. It’s kind of like internet marketing. You can’t necessarily say you’re in the IM niche. Does that mean your focus is affiliate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, product creation, traffic generation, etc., etc., etc?

    Self improvement is the same animal. There are just so many sub-categories from which to choose. Decide in what area you can come off as an expert. Do you have experience in some particular topic? Is there some area in which you can create products and answer questions?

    Keep in mind you don’t have to be an expert. Just choose an area that interests you and one in which you can do even a small amount of research. Is that becoming more organized, becoming more productive, using affirmations in your everyday life, overcoming addictions, or increasing productivity? These are just ones I came up with off the top of my head.

    Just play to your strengths. If it’s something that you’re either passionate about or you want to know more about, you’re good to go. It makes research easy and more enjoyable.

    I’m sure this is nothing you haven’t heard before, but I just wanted to give you my take. Best of luck!

    Unlock the key to earning thousands per day. Leads, sales, and profits await. Click here.

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me. You talk perfect sense of course. And I think we all need telling things multiple times, so don’t worry on that account. We all tend to blank out stuff we have heard before, but I have discovered through Sean, and others, that it’s always useful to get back to basics and re-analyse those “same old” pieces of wisdom in a way that re-lights my entrepreneurial fire.

      But your comment on learning about something you wish to know more about, is not something I have heard very much of before. It really does seem like another avenue I can explore in my quest to chase down the sub niche in which I can begin my journey.

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    Bruce Hoag

    So Leslie, how can we help you the most right now?

    In a way, it doesn’t matter where you start.

    That’s because you’re likely to go through several revisions for you reach your destination.

    Knowing what I know now, I would pick the one part of self-development that interested me the most, and then interpret all other aspects of it in that context.

    I’d write about it like that and create products that were structured around it like that.

    Over time, I know that that would probably change as I got more clarity on the topic.

    Thing is, that if you don’t just start, you’ll only ever do research.

    Research is a lot of fun. I’ve done enough of it to attest to that.

    Unfortunately, few people get paid to do just it.

    So just pick something, and then get busy. 😉

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your input. I understand that I have to dive in at sometime. But the research I have to do is essential, just so I can see for myself what the level of competition is.

      I am mostly about getting people to fulfill their true potentials, But also about facing their demons and overcoming the life “cancers” of self loathing, lack of self esteem and self worth.

      I do not use the “big C” word lightly as several years ago my wife suffered from Breast cancer (she is well out of the woods now with a clean bill of health). I use the C word as I truly believe that it reflects how debilitating our own states of mind can be, if we don’t learn to understand why they are there, and to recognise the feelings that they create with us. Only at that stage can we begin to deconstruct them and eventually eliminate them or, at least, control them.

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    Onofrio Fiorentino

    Hi Leslie – Thanks for welcoming me to the group. There’s certainly many good ideas and suggestions shared with you here to “chew on”!

    Based on what you said here in this thread you seem to well suited in the field/niche of counselling… just a hunch!

    I was a school guidance counsellor in my “past life” for about 7 years and I picked up that vibe in your comments and in the way you described yourself. Maybe with some research, study and fine tuning to niche-down, there may be a good fit, if there is a fit at all.

    Only you will know for sure upon reflection and getting feedback from those who know you really well.

    Also, a key question to ask yourself might be: Where do you want to be in 3 – 5 years from now and still feel really good about yourself!

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    Bruce Hoag

    I’ve been re-reading Tim Ferriss’ excellent book, The Four-Hour WorkWeek.

    Among other things, he talks about how to set goals.

    What you, Norf and Leslie, have said reminded me of that.

    Ferriss says that we have to ask ourselves what excites us.

    That’s a good way of describing what I was trying to explain to you, Leslie.

    That which excites you will also be the thing that you gravitate to.

    Ferriss also says something very interesting.

    He says that the competition to be mediocre is far greater than it is to do something big; therefore, we should aim for something that, for most, seems unrealistic.

    Food for thought.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Suzanne Sukhram


    If I may share from personal experience, perhaps this may help you. I, too, have many varied interests.

    The two things I talk most about and reflexively help with the most are homeschooling and grammar. For years I have tried to figure out what I should do online/train on, etc.

    When I ask my husband, he tells me that since I am a Grammar Nazi, I should tutor grammar.

    When I ask my college aged-daugher, she tells me that my biggest success (in her eyes) is her – I homeschooled her all the way through from Kindergarten through high school.

    When I ask people what they love most about me, it comes down to a few things: passion, listening ability, grammar and writing, and not being afraid to say things as I see them.

    I tell you this to give you a few ideas about how you can start to narrow down your niche.

    Ask the people who know you best what they think you do best, and what they love most about you.

    Think about what you talk about most often. What subjects do you wax on and on about, all the time?

    What things are you most compelled to help with?

    What can you do with one hand tied behind your back (I was asked this by a coach once)?

    What do you know so well that you can you talk about if someone woke you up at 3 a.m.?

    Earlier you said you help people get over their self-loathing and lack of self-esteem and self-worth. To me, that screams mindset. So you could narrow your love of self-development down to mindset training and coaching. Then you could think about who your perfect client/customer would be. Would it be a man, in his 40s who has wanted to have his own business for years, but has a family to take care of and so is afraid to leave the steady job for a business? Or would it be a SAHM (stay at home mom) who hasn’t been in the work world for a decade and who feels she has nothing relevant to contribute to the world?

    Is there a story behind your love of self-development? How did you get into it – did you conquer some demons yourself, or did you grow up seeing a loved one with these demons? Behind every passion is a story, and if you can tap into yours, it can help you define who your perfect client would be, and how you would want to help them.

    Hope that helps a little.

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi Suzanne,

      That certainly helps a lot. and thank you for the time you have taken out to help me.

      I don’t actually help anyone, just yes with questions of self esteem..etc, but that is what I am drawn to, when it comes to starting an online business.

      I will have to think long and hard as to why I ended up in the whole Personal development mindset thing. I think it was a combination of a guy who I know, who is simply a genius at all the mindset stuff. His enthusiasm awoke within me something that was always there and that was a huge urge to take the whole damned world by the scruff of the neck and scream, “this is how you should treat each other, this is how you can get on better”.

      Sounds corny I know. How dare a guy aged 58, an underachiever, a serial procrastinator, so far anyways, and STILL in the research stage for an online business have such high and mighty ambitions.

      Believe it or not, and if I go a lot further back I think it is my lifelong interest in Military history and GEO politics. What has that to do with Mindset? Well a lot actually..if only the likes of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin been able to look into themselves and examine the hatred within their minds…what could the world have been like now? Maybe a lot further foreword internationally, in solving racial, religious and sexual equality questions. Or then again, maybe not. Sure in the case of those aforementioned tyrants there were external circumstances that connived and converged to raise them to power. But it was their own states of mind, and unbending wills, that led directly to the tens of millions of dead prior to and during World War 2.

      If I can change the mindset of only a few thousand people, it might just be the start of an avalanche of common sense, tolerance and friendship around this planet of ours. And bring us closer to become equals, and all citizens of Earth, rather than far too many of us being sabre rattling, jingoistic and blinkered individuals led by worse.

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi again Suzanne. There is a pending friend request, from myself, under the Members section, should you choose to take it up.

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    Suzanne Sukhram


    Mindset is HUGE in military history, and not only for the reasons you states. When you think about the folks who go through military training successfully, and who are great at what they do, and advance, and you consider the great leaders, their “can-do” mindset is huge. My husband taught our older daughter to never quit, and there are days when I think I would be better had I had the training he had, and gave our daughter. Now we are doing it again with the younger.

    I guess what I am saying is that your interest in mindset AND military history make sense. I could see blog posts about individuals in history related to their mindset and then some kind of product eventually that you would offer. 🙂

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      Leslie Leftley

      Hi again Suzanne,

      Yes I served in the British army myself for 14 years. I previously mentioned that I was an underachiever, well I have genuinely never felt as driven, respected and useful since I left the military all those years ago. Yes I got some decent jobs, until I decided to go it alone 12 years ago, but never quite the same buzz. But, on the other hand, the Military organisations of most countries, do manipulate the serving individual in a way that suits the military during service, but which never quite prepares you for the normal human “failings” inherent in everyday civilian life.

      I have been a civilian for 44 of my 58 years on this planet, but I still think like a soldier and am easily disappointed in the standards and values of so many people around the world, both leaders and followers.

      I am sure I could try and psychoanalyze great political and warrior leaders of the past, but I don’t really think there would be a market big enough to give me the lifestyle I am aiming for. Don’t get me wrong, it would be a great project to go into, once I had made it in online business, and could afford to look into a long term hobby. But I, principally, want to help people who are alive and kicking in this world of ours today,

      But your words also gave me another idea, and that is introducing the best of the military, in the form of self discipline, teamwork, loyalty etc etc into any mindset teachings I may introduce into the future.

      And by the way, as a successful teacher and homeschooler I certainly think you have what it takes to positively effect the lives of all your children. You have done it once and you are tough enough to do it again…never doubt it soldier:)

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    Suzanne Sukhram

    Les (I read that you prefer to be called that),

    I LIKE that idea about incorporating the best of the military into any mindset trainings you create!!!

    And thanks so much for the encouragement. This younger one is completely different and has me scrambling to figure out ways to reach her and motivate her. I will persist because I have no choice. 🙂 But I do appreciate the kind words. 🙂

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    Bruce Hoag

    Something you have to understand, Leslie, about the public sector.

    In a democracy, there are two overriding goals: 1) Being seen to do the right thing and 2) increasing personal power.

    Dictators are interested in only one thing: More power.

    I’m sure that you’ve heard this: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Rest assured that dictators don’t see evil in their hearts.

    Everything they do is a means to their determined end: Power.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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      Leslie Leftley

      I quite agree with you Bruce. Most dictators truly believe they are doing the right thing. Most politicians in a democracy start off with feelings of goodwill to all men, but then slowly descend into self obsession and a lust for power and control.

      But hey! We are the good guys Bruce. This community is small but the people in it genuinely want to help others, and in return earn fair recompense. Dictators demand something for nothing. And “Democratic”Governments connive and plot for the same thing.

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