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Leslie Leftley

Hi Scott,

I think you have answered your own question. Turn the giveaway into podcasts/audio format.

From what you have said, you are obviously a top notch speaker, so your voice must, at least, sound okay, and be easy to listen to, otherwise you would not have received all those top marks.

Your written work is better than the vast majority I have come across. I can clearly see that in the many comments you make. Don’t get tied up in unnecessary grammar. You are communicating ideas, and as long as those ideas are understood, then commas before or after “and” are just so much hogwash. I am not trying to put down grammar, without it our language would have no structure, but some of the more pernickety rules, especially within the online space are largely irrelevant.

But use your voice…audios and narrated videos…that is obviously your passion and should be the basis of your business, in my humble opinion.

Use your voice is your gift.

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