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Susan Parnaby

A few years ago I left my computer on when I went out but when I got home again the internet and phone were not working. It turned out that while I was out of the area there had been a thunderstorm. Of course being out of the area I had not known about it. The storm had fried the modem. While the modem was connected the phone would not work either. I got the phone checked out only to be told I needed to get the modem fixed. Since then I have used surge protectors on as much electrical and phone equipment as I can. I would rather they took the stress of a surge than my more expensive equipment.

Talking of electrics did you know that if there is a brown out i.e. a serious drop in voltage that electric motors around the house can get burned out. For me that includes fridge, freezer and the central heating boiler. They will work but it will over-stress them. If you want to preserve such motors then it is better not to use them until the voltage has been restored. That has only happened to me once but I rang my dad who is a retired power engineer for his advice. He told me to switch off the fridge, freezer and boiler until the lights were bright again.

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