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Leslie Leftley

Hi Dana,

Just read your download. While I am based in UK and not the US, I don’t suppose the situation with Content Mills is any better here either. And of course the Internet makes my location rather irrelevant.

I am not a freelance writer (For one thing I haven’t really written anything or had had anything published). But rather than enthusing me to become a Freelance professional writer the information download, you gifted to u,s proved invaluable in helping persuade me into creating a blog, so that I can write in my own style. I don’t really think I am cut out to cover so man, manyy bases as the freelancers appear to have to do.

Maybe in the future, it would be something to dip my toe into. But first I must establish a blog, a website, a membership site (with content and information products) and primarily learn about, and teach within, the Self development sphere. Rather that, than serving many masters, as a Freelance writer must inevitably do.

But a lot of what I read had crossovers into many other, online business ventures. You have to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adapt to the ever changing face of the online business world for example.

You can’t sell yourself short. I personally hate the race to the bottom in so many areas of online business and selling.

Look for the niches with an overall category that, at first glance, does not seem to have anything to do with that category. (Such as the guy who wrote about the destinations that cruise ships sailed to, rather than the cruise experience itself. And yet it was the cruise company that paid him for it. So in a nutshell, travel the path less trodden).

Looking at those at the top of their game in your chosen activity. So, for me, the top Bloggers and Membership platform operators in Self development. Although I have to go down a few levels within that giant of a category to something more specific. Later I can expand into more markets within the same category.

Yes and my old bug bear social media. For the second time today I have been informed by recognized and experienced experts that in one way or another we all need it. For Promoting, marketing, advertising and finding more clients. I guess I shall have to accept Social media for what it can be for me and that it is another valuable tool in my box. (I still hate the mindless chit chat and me too BS though).

I could go on but it’s late here across the pond, but I will treasure the download as it is veritable goldmine of common sense, eminently usable ideas. Applicable to so many aspects of business, on and offline.

Huge thank to you Dana. And big thumbs up for all of your achievements within your chosen field.

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