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Scott Hogue

I don’t drink coffee. The wife hates it. She can smell it on me if I meet someone at a coffee shop.

I had a boss that would go to a motel room every year about this time of year and close out the year reports and do the next year planning and then would be ready for the end of year meeting where the executives got their bonuses and pink slips. They had a three day retreat where they would pass out awards, review and then work on the next year goals.

I had to do my planning and work in an office in the factory. Interruptions galore.

A study says that it takes about 12 to 16 minutes to get back to the level of productivity you were in before you were interrupted and that they measured on average an interruption about every 6 minutes.

Which means you can’t be as productive at work as away. Which is why I left and never looked back 😉

Scott Hogue CChH
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