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    Scott Hogue

    How You Can Own The Game And Win It

    Little BIG search engines, Champions, Evangelists, Wee Willie Keeler, Playing Ball And Winning The Game…

    If you want to know where this idea came from and see the discussion that started it you might want to read this thread:

    This is part of what I have got out of Sean’s training.

    I am not saying he endorses this and Sean is welcome to correct me where I get off track, but this is what I am thinking after I process what I have learned here and in Sean’s past training.

    Life is like a game, you have rules, you have winners and losers…

    In your online business, whose game are you playing? Yours or theirs? If you are playing their game they set the rules and they can take their ball home and leave you standing alone in the field. I can tell you from experience that isn’t a good feeling.

    If you are playing your game, you get to set the rules and the game is yours. You own it.

    The big idea here is that we are chasing prospects in an ever changing world of rules, logarithms, social media outlets, competition and even changing devices-just look at the mobile revolution, if your website isn’t mobile friendly now, you don’t make page rank on search engines. Did you decide that? Did anyone ask you about that change in search ranking? When did you get to vote on changing that?
    Me neither.

    The truth is the big companies that control so many of the eyes and ears on the internet and what they see and hear are not interested in you, they are interested in their company and their profits. To them people like you are a dime a dozen.

    I don’t think they are necessarily evil or out to get you, you just don’t register on their radar.

    The search engines, the big keyword ad companies, the big video sharing giants, the online course companies, the social media giants all have one thing in common: when you play with them, you are playing their game with their rules and their ball. They call the shots and they play to win.

    They write the script, pick the actors and shoot the movie. If you want to be in the movie you have to be lucky enough to be picked, follow their script and act how they want, when they want and then be seen by only those they decide to show the movie you are in to. What is even worse is you have to pay to play. Pay in money or pay in blood, sweat and tears to make unique content, constantly do search engine optimization and track the keywords you pay to market.

    So the big idea is:

    What if instead of searching, seeking, chasing after prospects, they sought us out?

    What if we could build it and they would come?

    What if you could be your own search engine? What if you could be your own social media platform? What if you could be your own online university? What if you could be your own Champion and Champion your own cause? Be your own Evangelist?

    Then you would own the game. Think about that for a minute.

    The Little Big Search Engine

    You can’t out search engine, the established search engines across the entire internet and you can’t out search engine, the search engines on every word, topic and subject, but it just might be possible to take enough of the big search engine’s share of traffic on what specifically applies to your niche to fulfill what you want to do on the internet and direct that traffic to your business.

    You could be the little search engine on the internet, but the BIG search engine for your topic.

    I used the example of Badger and Blade on the internet in the original thread to show one real example of being “the little BIG search engine.”

    They have over 79,000 members, over 9 million posts, over 39,000 items for view in their media gallery.

    AND GET THIS: The members put most of that content on that website!

    The members did most of the building of the platform. Sound familiar?

    And they enjoyed it! No one paid them, no one threatened them, they did it because they enjoyed doing it.

    If I want to know anything about shaving, anything: blades, razors, soap, history, brands, reviews, superstitions, contests, stories, metallurgy, restoration, old advertising, beards and mustaches, father-son traditions, even women’s shaving for my wife I go there and search for it. The BIG search engines can’t compete and just get in the way. It is easier to search on Badger and Blade for shaving information once you find them than to search on any of the BIG search engines for anything related to shaving.

    The BIG search engines are big on the internet, but when you go to the world of shaving, they are small, Badger and Blade is the BIG dog when it comes to search and content on shaving.

    Don’t feel overwhelmed. You don’t need 79,000 members or 9 million posts to have all of the traffic you need to blow up your business.

    Sean talks about 30 or 40 paying members to start a basic membership. Leverage that to 150 or 200 and you have a very nice living and income every month no matter what rules the internet companies change or even if you do or don’t work that month. You built the membership, put the content up and signed up the members. Now it is only maintenance work to keep it growing and going. If you don’t put content up this month, then don’t worry, the members will. You still need to make appearances, but it is not a one man or one woman show anymore.

    So the idea is build it and they will come (after you promote it enough for it to be known as the “go to” place)

    And you could even use search engines to do that, along with any other way you can be found and get your message out on the internet, search engines, article directories, social media, ads and cross marketing, anything that gets the message out.

    Take a lesson from Wee Willie Keeler

    Keep your eye clear and Hit ’em where they ain’tWee Willie

    Wee Willie played for the New York Giants starting in 1892. Wee Willie Keeler has the highest career at bat-per-strikeout ratio in MLB history.

    They still teach his batting strategy today: Look, See, Focus and Hit ’em where they ain’t.

    Hit the big search engines where they ain’t. First off, the big search engines are search engines, they don’t have content. If you want content you have to leave the search engine.

    You can make a website that has a search function and content for your niche. Do that and you just hit ’em where they ain’t.

    Try adding content to a search engine. You can’t. They don’t have content. Search engines don’t do content, they aren’t content engines.

    What about interaction? How much do you interact with your search engine?
    Ask questions and they answer you or you post answers to questions and they appear on the homepage?
    How much interaction? Try ZERO, that would be pretty close.

    Make a forum where people can ask questions, answer questions and participate, in other words interact and add content and you just hit ’em where they ain’t again-and with content and interaction it is a two for! You hit a double!

    Search engines are not personal or into relationships. Oh they know all about you, but it is a one way street. When is the last time a search engine sent you an email wanting to know if you were finding what you were looking for and if they could help you achieve your goals?
    Same with me.

    Build a relationship with the people coming to your website and searching for information and help and you just hit ’em where they ain’t again.

    And you can do similar things to compete with the social media giants, the ad companies, video sharing giants and all the rest.

    There are so many holes in these internet giant’s game that you can spend all day long doing a Wee Willie and hitting them where they ain’t.

    Sean tells how he built his business by asking people on his list what they wanted to learn (by asking them what they were struggling with) and then he taught that. What online education company or online university ever asked you how they should run their business and what you needed them to teach?


    You do that and you just hit ’em where they ain’t again!

    As I said, I don’t pretend to speak for Sean, but I can tell you what I am getting from his teaching and ideas and what I think he is saying. I invite Sean to correct me where I get it wrong.

    Sean is talking platform. A platform in the most basic physical term of the word and used as we are interested in, is the structure that supports the speaker. I think of the old “railroad run” presidency campaigns where the candidate stopped at every city along the railroad track to make a speech and they had a platform for the candidate to speak from. Sometimes it was the back of the caboose!

    The platform raised the candidate above the audience and all of the other people speaking in the crowd.

    The platform literally supported the candidate. Without the platform the candidate could not have gotten their message out.

    All a platform has to do is get the speaker in front of a crowd and above the noise on the street. It doesn’t have to be the biggest search engine on the internet. It doesn’t have to be a big wood and banner stage. It can even be the tail end of a caboose.

    You probably can’t make a leading search engine from scratch, but you could put together your version of the tail end of a caboose!

    I am saying the equivalent of a stage or platform for the internet is the big search engines, the big video sharing sites, the big social media companies and if you are here, then you know the rest.

    Without a platform we can’t rise above the crowd. Without a platform we can’t be heard above all of the voices on the street.

    On your own platform you can be your own Evangelist and Champion your cause and your niche.

    I think if anything is true in this internet business, you are interested in your business, your success and your ability to help others more than anyone else or any other company. You should be your own Evangelist and the Champion of your own cause, on your platform, instead of using only other platforms and supporting their businesses with your hard earned cash and content you worked hard to make.

    Here is the problem with the internet platforms, we don’t control them, we don’t make the rules and although they do raise you above the crowds on the street, there is another crowd on the platform.

    It isn’t enough to get on a platform, you have to rise above the crowd that is on the platform.

    If you aren’t on the first page of search results and even in the top two or three results, then the crowd on the platform has pushed you to the back of the stage.

    But what if you owned your own platform. It wouldn’t be as big as the internet giants, but it could be targeted to just you and your niche. I would rather have 100% of my platform working for me in my niche than .000001% of someone else’s platform working for me scattered and unfocused across the internet.

    If you were in health and fitness, then you wouldn’t care if the people in hot dog eating competitions didn’t come to your platform. You just want interested people that are looking for help in health and fitness to be able to gather around your platform. Don’t pay in time or money to market cars to ten year old video gamers playing race car games online.

    Here is another way to say it. We search for prospects the way we do it now. Big search engines and social media companies don’t search for prospects, the prospects come to them.

    Once you have built your platform and have sent enough traffic to it that it reaches a critical mass, then people will seek you out, instead of you having to seek people out.

    How would it change your business and your life if people sought you out for information and your help? Think about that for a minute.

    Where do people seek out information and help? On platforms where that information and help rises above the crowd and the noise of the street so the seeker can see and hear what they are searching for.

    Would you rather have a general surgeon or a doctor that is a general practitioner do your brain surgery or a brain surgeon? You probably want the specialist. If you had a choice to search with a general search engine for help on your topic or a search engine that specializes in your topic, who would you pick if you had the choice?

    The platform that is successfully focused on the subject and promoted is a beacon on the internet for that topic or niche.

    Here is one last random question: How much would a three month banner ad cost you on the website that is the leading place people interested in your niche go for information?

    The answer is, if your website is the leading place people go for information on that niche, it won’t cost you anything!

    We are seeing Sean build a platform here. This platform probably has elements you won’t need, but it is great that we are seeing them all and how they work so we can pick and choose in our business.

    I am sold on the platform idea, in fact, I was doing something a little similar on one of my websites and it was working. I had audio samples of a number of things I do and a number of downloads to explain problems and solutions for things I do. People started sending people to that website for that content and answers. Locally it became the “go to” place for the problems in my niche. It is my best website and only a crude version of what Sean is teaching and doing here.

    I am going to step up and be brave. I am going to dismantle one of my websites and redo it as a platform like I believe Sean is talking about.

    You could easily argue that any website is a platform, but in reality there are platforms and then there are platforms. Newport Baptist Church Bulletin (just made that up, maybe there isn’t one) might be a website and a platform, but it isn’t your favorite search engine or your favorite social media outlet or Badger and Blade when it comes to shaving.

    No, I don’t think I am recreating a Giant Search Engine, just something that has the moving parts and functions of something like a Google or a Facebook or even this group or a Badger and Blade and is focused and tailored for the people I want to reach and help.

    I am going to give you the internet address so you can look at it now and follow along as I change it if you like.

    I will invite you to make comments and suggestions, but just keep in mind that I have an idea of where I am going and if I don’t follow your suggestion, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it or it is not a good idea, it just might not fit in for me and the vision of where I am going.

    So here you are seeing Sean do a platform for his target market and people in a wide range of niches.

    You can also see someone taking what they learned and are learning from that and working on converting those ideas into a platform for their own target market and niche.

    You can see this training being applied in one niche and look over my shoulder.

    You can help me do this and learn in the process.

    It is a lot to do, I have other things in my life I have to juggle, it will take some time, but it will hopefully be something that works and I control and no one can take it away from my by changing the rules of the game. It will be my game.

    You know you can’t leave a Giant search engine to your children when you leave this world, no one person even owns the big ones, but a website that is a platform, that you can leave.

    Best to all,

    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Sean Mize


    this is some of the most brilliant and clear thinking I’ve ever seen on this topic . . ever.

    And I read a lot of the influential thinkers’ works!

    You’ve made it so clear . . . I’m excited to hear other clients thoughts!


    Do you want to learn how to start a coaching program that stabilizes your income and changes lives? If so, visit


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    Scott Hogue

    The More The Merrier

    I want to thank Sean for giving us this opportunity.

    Succeed or fail I am going to be open with this.

    This website is one I have let sit pretty much idle for a while.

    I pulled the stats on it and it currently has 113 unique visitors/week

    and 393 page views/week.

    If you want to be in on the show, the go there soon and see what it looks like now:

    Probably Monday I will start publishing to the web the changes I am preparing now.

    Then as I go along I will update you on the visitors and page views, observations, strategies and results.

    Best to all,

    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Scott Hogue

    Starting On The Challenge

    Just starting, today is a busy day in my other businesses, so I can’t devote the time I need yet. I got up early and just started redoing the website. Lots of work to do. Lots to remove from the site and clean up as I replace it. This afternoon I hope to start making the links live.

    You all know how you put something up as place holders or put a section up and as you go it doesn’t quite fit in and you redo, redo, redo.

    I think I have enough for you to start to get the idea of where I am heading.

    I welcome your comments.

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Scott Hogue

    Overview and Sequence

    Just posting a pdf of the overview and sequence as I am working on it to make it easier for you to follow me.
    This forum won’t let me do it as an attachment, so here is a link:

    It is a work in progress.


    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Scott Hogue

    Back At It

    Yesterday was crazy, but I did make progress. I got the skeleton of the first page up and started cleaning away the things from the old website that didn’t fit. Some I am still thinking on.

    Last night I started organizing my content I would be populating the website with.

    Today is busy, but I have written a few posts online that will in time find their way to the website.

    I have tons of material. I don’t want to offer the full programs or documents, but I can quickly pick out the topics and key sentences to make quick articles and since they come from a larger written document I can easily say, If you want to learn more then I have this…

    I can see this taking some time to get up and running, but well worth it.

    More later,

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Norma Allen

    Great article, Scott. Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Norma Esler

    Sign up for a daily dose of Inspiration at
    Inspiration for Your Best Year Ever!

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    Roger Rakestraw

    Thank you Scott

    Scott, thank you for updating us on your progress and I agree with Sean, your article is one of the best I’ve ever read on this subject. Great insights.

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    Scott Hogue

    Friday Update 11-17-17

    I was stuck yesterday and I realized what it was, I was trying to use some existing content to start off the platform for an introduction.

    I finally realized that wouldn’t work, it was good material, but I couldn’t get from there to here with my thought process with anything prewritten.

    So starting at 9 pm last night, I have written almost 10,000 words to create five introductory sessions I will record as the quick start for the platform. The sessions will be free. I like Sean’s idea about giving them content so they can know what you are about and get over the hurdle of whether they will risk their money to try you.

    They are five, pretty quick sessions that will logically and emotionally lead you to more action.

    I will also make it an ebook they can get for joining the list along with a few other resources.

    I have some other business work to do and my voice is a bit off this morning, so hopefully I can get that done later.

    Thanks to all for their help and support!

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Kristin VanTilburg


    Wow, Scott! I am so grateful for the opportunity to follow your progress!

    I went to the site and feel the buzz, and clicked around and found too much!!! LOL

    So I am glad you have decided to focus on something that I the reader can do to begin.

    I REALLY love this quote:
    No matter who you are and where you are in your life, you are only three steps away from wealth. Believe it and succeed, doubt it and fail. Everything starts with faith.

    I want to know what the 3 steps are RIGHT NOW! and I don’t find that….hoping you put that right up at the top…if there are only 3 steps what do I need with all those articles and stuff? (LOL)

    Its like the guy said in Jerry Macguire “Show me the money!” (or the 3 steps anyway…)

    Just noticing how much I crave simplicity it this info-glutted world.

    Taking my own advice and thinking how I can translate that to my site…

    Best wishes for you, to your family, and your hot dog/sean binge on Thanksgiving!


    Kristin van Tilburg
    Stressed out? Overwhelmed?
    Visit my website to receive a free 5 day email mini-class in dealing with overwhelm!

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    Scott Hogue

    Thank you Kristin!

    I don’t mean to keep you waiting, but I realized that the material I used to introduce my in person classes just wasn’t working for introducing the platform.

    I now have about twelve and a half thousand words total in five sessions to introduce the platform, me, why I care and the Three Steps To Wealth. I think it is some of my best work. I have locked it down, not more changes.

    Between the wife kidnapping me today and taking me and my checkbook Christmas shopping and being in poor voice, I haven’t recorded them yet.

    She knows I am having surgery next week, so she wants to get this done while I can haul the presents around and balance the check book! LOL

    The Three Steps are Simple, the rest is just to have daily prodding and motivation to keep you on track 😉

    Wishing you and the rest, the very best
    and a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Sean Mize


    I am absolutely amazed at how much content you’ve produced in the last week!

    It reminds me of me in the early days!


    Do you want to learn how to start a coaching program that stabilizes your income and changes lives? If so, visit


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    Susan Parnaby

    It has always felt right to me to develop the go to place for the topic. It just suited my personality, nature, design, or however else you would describe me. It has been one thing know what you want to achieve it is another drilling down to a small enough area to make it work. You need to be able to describe that area in such a way that it catches the imagination of those who visit your site.

    Two or three years ago I tried adapting the idea of writing a manifesto that Rich Schefren used with his “internet Manifesto”. What started as a give away ended up as a book measuring 6 by 9 that is .8 inches thick. No one bought it and few have ever read it. I called it The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps. The title is deliberately provocative.

    Years ago in the middle of an argument, I called Prince Charming a wimp. Two months earlier he had signed the papers to finalise our divorce and then refused to let them be sent to the court. After that argument, he made a phone call and said the papers could be sent to the court. When he had calmed down he made a second phone call to stop them but it was too late because the papers had already been sent to the court. Maybe calling him a wimp was understandable in the circumstances and it definitely provoked him to action.

    A few weeks ago I started wondering if I should use this Manifesto for a series of blog posts. I finally got round to adjusting the God’s Lily site to do this on Saturday and added the first 3 posts. I am using the editorial calendar plug in from the WordPress repository to schedule the draft posts. At the moment there is a draft post for each day until December 15th and I have only copied the text from the first 45 pages.

    I was thinking of splitting the book into two and making the part after page 130 into the Challenge that is NOT for Wimps. Whether the Challenge becomes a course or the start of a membership site or becomes a book remains to be seen. In fact, it is only as I am writing this that I am starting to think of what to do with the material in the Challenge section. There is enough material in the Manifesto section for 5 posts a week for 6 weeks i.e. to the end of January.

    It is proving an interesting exercise as I have adjusted my approach slightly so that it is more in keeping with the mission statement in the header of the website i.e. a voice for those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in such a way that they are strengthened rather than weakened further. I have juggled some pieces of text around between chapters and reorganised it a bit so that it flows better.

    I have set up a blog broadcast using Mailchimp and the last time I looked there was a grand total of 10 subscribers, yes ten. I have a few harvested lists gathered when people have been silly enough to send one email to a group of people in such a way that everyone can see the email addresses. These are from people who at least have something in common with my intended audience. I have thought of importing them into a new list (or possibly even a new account) in MailChimp and sending out an invitation to check out the God’s Lily site and sign up to join the proper mailing list. I might add a few friends and family to the list of invited guests. Hopefully, that will at least double the number of subscribers.

    I only know of a handful of Facebook groups where potential readers congregate and most of those are pretty small. An invitation post on those would be a good idea. One thing I must remember to do is to adjust the blog broadcast template so it includes the suggestion to forward to a friend who they think would appreciate the content.

    After that, I am somewhat stumped. The problem with niche areas is that you can find places where the readers have something in common with your mission but most of them are small groups where a 1% response rate is less than one person.

    Thinking about this I have remembered what happened in February 2016 when we started Safe Haven. We wanted to find people with learning difficulties and we did not have a clue where to look for them. Well, we had one idea about an organisation to approach but our biggest supporter told us not to. Looking back they did not understand why we wanted to contact them. It took over a year for that organisation to accidentally find out about us. We literally put up posters in as many supermarkets as we could manage because that was all we could think of doing. On the third week we opened the doors and still no one had come so we had a prayer meeting. The day after that prayer meeting there was a phone call asking if it would be possible for someone in a wheelchair to come along. It was not something we had thought about but there was no problem. We had our first craftee, someone with far greater needs than we imagined ur craftees would have. Once word spread around the different homes and projects where adults with special needs live the numbers went up to 6. One died during the summer so there are now 5 regulars aged between 41 and 87 only one of them has never come in a wheelchair and has full use of their hands. We have not kept count of the number of professional carers who have come to Safe Haven but we have met dozens of them. All people whose lives we could not have touched otherwise. It started with putting out bait in the only places we could think of putting it. Now the carers struggle to believe how we got the ball rolling.

    If all it took was putting out bait to get Safe Haven up and running then why not the God’s Lily website? One reason why I have now got round to writing a signature for this forum.


    God's Lily is "a voice for those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in a way that it strengthens them rather than weakens them further" . If that includes you then hop on over and have a look around. If you like what you see it would be a good idea to sign up to receive our blog broadcasts. Oh and you will get a couple of pdf files that explain the what and why behind the site when

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    Scott Hogue

    Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble

    I am still working behind the scenes. All the main ideas I still stand by. However, I realize I have to boil a lot of my marketing content down and that ain’t easy for someone that has done a lot of course training in industry where you had to teach a defined plan in detail or for a person that wants you to get everything without any gaps.

    They say we literally now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish in a world where we are inundated with hundreds of thousands of cries for our attention every day.

    I am trying to work now thinking more of an old boss I had that all the time was saying, l don’t want to feel the pain, just show me the baby.

    My struggle is how do you provide amazing content, not leave any gaps and still make it short enough and density rich enough it will get results?

    Results for your prospect/client and you in your business, since this is two sided? (note to Sean, yes, I did get How to kill a unicorn)

    So I am putting my marketing material on the stove and boiling it down from a big pot of soup to what I hope is a smaller pot of rich stew.

    So far, it smells good, but I don’t know how it will taste when I finish.

    It could be burning in the bottom of the pot.


    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Scott Hogue

    Added QOTD

    I added an ask Scott question of the day to my website.

    More content
    More interaction

    check out the website through the link in my signature


    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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