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Scott Hogue

Years ago, decades actually, I bought my first wife a car. I was at this car lot, it was cold and I was looking over each car I thought would be an acceptable possibility. The salesman in a thin blazer answered a few questions and then said, come inside I want to talk with you.

He told me, “People don’t buy cars, they buy stories. It is cold outside, why don’t you tell me what story you want and I will match that up with the car?”

I was caught off guard at that. I told him I didn’t know how to answer that, but I wanted a car for my wife, something she could carry the children in and we could go to Church in. I was a minister and did funerals, I drove a truck to my factory job, but I wanted a car that would look decent in a funeral procession. I also wanted a car that was taken care of, I needed to get a lot of service out of it and I wanted one that hadn’t been abused.

He said do you like blue? I said I did. He said what about your wife, does she like blue? Sure.

I have your car in the cleanup shop. Let me call them and they will bring it over. I was surprised to say the least.

It was an Olds Salon, a four door Olds Cutlass and it was blue, lot of cloth inside, great paint, seats looked new.

When the guy got out he said, Bobby, where is the pillow? He said, I left it over at the shop. He said, bring it over.

The Cutlass had belonged to a widow woman that has an office job. I saw the paperwork with her name and number where she traded it in. I called her. The pillow is what she sat on in the car, even the driver’s seat looked new.

He said, here is the story, this widow woman drives this car to work here in town. After a year she wants something that doesn’t remind her of her late husband and gets a smaller car here. I have the records where they got it serviced here in town. The motor has a little of a knock when it starts, but all of these 3.8’s do. It won’t hurt it. I have another one on the back lot that has the same engine, you are welcome to crank it and hear it knock when it starts up.

I bought the story and the car. It was a good car. He threw in the pillow.

True story.

Scott Hogue CChH
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