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Tina Fletcher

Hey Scott, Many people don’t realise it’s a recorded webinar instead of a live one so that may not be a factor. I think it comes down to which works better for both you and your audience.
Questions to consider: Do you need to get them to ask actual questions as part of your webinar? Are you confident enough to run a live event and cover the necessary topic and engage with audience? Then a live one would be needed.
Do you want to make sure you stay on track and give the information out rather than answer question? Are you still honing your skills for webinars? Does giving multiple time slots work better over bringing a large group together for a live event? Then a recorded one (where you can edit etc) may be the way to go.
Honestly I believe there is no right or wrong answer just which one works for you and engages your audience, you can always to a split test (same content one live one recorded) as see which one gets the best response 🙂

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