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Specific Time vs On Demand Webinar

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    Suzanne Sukhram

    Statistics that I have seen suggest that live webinars or hybrid webinars (recorded webinars with the host standing by to field questions as they come in) do better in terms of getting signups than recorded webinars do.

    There are also statistics that say that many people do watch replays of live webinars (which of course, are recorded). From what I gather, people will sign up more often for a live event even if they know they won’t be able to attend live. There’s always the chance that the technology for the recording may not work, after all. A recorded webinar, however, doesn’t have that component of the unknown technical issues, so that could account for the signups being less.

    From everything I have read, it is suggested that you do your live webinars at least a few times before starting to utilize recorded ones on a large scale.

    All that being said, many of the big guys and gals of the internet marketing world use recorded webinars, and I personally enjoy trying to figure out if the event is live, recorded or a hybrid. 😉

    Hope that helps.

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    Robert Mason


    I feel that with paying subscribers, it is important to have the webinar live, but also recorded – if people are paying, then they need to have access whenever they need to.
    Just my take on it.

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    Yvonne A Jones

    Great question, Scott. I recently read an article which suggests that the main value of recorded webinars is that people have a lot more options on when they watch (at their convenience) and because of that the marketer has more opportunity to get sign-ups or sales.

    In my opinion, it depends on the market – who your target audience is. And the numbers. The number of people on your list and how many people are helping to promote your webinar. If your reach is smaller, specific time webinars may bring a lot better results, especially if you allow your audience to interact with you and develop a relationship.

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    Tina Fletcher

    Hey Scott, Many people don’t realise it’s a recorded webinar instead of a live one so that may not be a factor. I think it comes down to which works better for both you and your audience.
    Questions to consider: Do you need to get them to ask actual questions as part of your webinar? Are you confident enough to run a live event and cover the necessary topic and engage with audience? Then a live one would be needed.
    Do you want to make sure you stay on track and give the information out rather than answer question? Are you still honing your skills for webinars? Does giving multiple time slots work better over bringing a large group together for a live event? Then a recorded one (where you can edit etc) may be the way to go.
    Honestly I believe there is no right or wrong answer just which one works for you and engages your audience, you can always to a split test (same content one live one recorded) as see which one gets the best response 🙂

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    I know Russell Brunson always talks about doing your webinar LIVE 100+ times before ever automating it. He thinks this is the only way to master your presentation of the webinar to get it into its best form. I think he does have a point. Your webinar will never be the source of true relationship building if you automate it too early.

    ♥ Coach Claire

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    Robert, I agree! Replays are absolutely essential, especially with paid subscribers.

    ♥ Coach Claire

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    Scott Hogue

    Lots of good points. I hate the live webinars myself that people try to get me to attend. They are usually during business hours or some time that is really inconvenient. Chet Holmes daughter that took over his business has mid day webinars with no replay, so I really don’t know what she does, I am usually seeing clients or on the road, but I wondered if there was a reason for the way she did it. Did the live webinar appear to have more value?

    I am thinking an ad where you can go directly to the webinar is pretty powerful.

    Keep your comments coming and I will continue to think on it.

    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
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    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Suzanne Sukhram


    If you are doing live webinars, then try to have someone else working with you as a moderator who is answering questions and keeping track of things so you can concentrate on delivery of the webinar content.

    I do think that many people are able to tell whether a webinar is live or not, because webinars have become very commonplace and many people have attended enough of them to know when it is recorded.

    I hadn’t heard about Russell Brunson’s advice to do a webinar 100 times or more before automating it, but doing it many times does make a lot of sense, particularly for building relationships, as Coach Claire talked about, and also just getting everything the way you want it.

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi again Scott,

    I am largely in agreement with you, and am also no longer a great fan of the true “Live webinar”. There is nothing wrong with the principal, in theory, and with a replay you can always return to it. I think what is happening now, however, is a lot of people being turned off by the longer webinars. They tend to begin with a long, boring biographical intro, followed by a hurried technical learning session, (which you would have to watch half a dozen times to take any notes of value). Finally you get the over extended, overlong sales pitch. The product is usually expensive, attendees then feel cheated, because the value of learning they thought they were going to get never emerged. Lastly, they hang on so long to squeeze the last dollars from those willing to pay for the high end offer, that they sadly neglect to answer genuine questions from attendees, especially those who do not wish to purchase. All a lot of them do is call out and congratulate those who have the financial means and willingness to buy their offer.

    If you can bring back the honesty into the longer, live webinars, and give away genuinely up to date, usable knowledge. Also offer something of real value FREE to all those remaining to the end, then people would not leave in such large numbers during the webinar. no long boring intros, no false sense of urgency, no rushing through the valuable learning material. And always a PDF handout.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Norma Allen

    Scott, if you can find the people who want to hear what you have to say, it doesn’t really matter.

    Personally, I find live webinars frustrating… “Oh look… Frankie from Minneapolis is signing in…,” and wait for the replay. But I do believe they convert better, as has been stated.

    Norma Esler

    Norma Esler

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    Julia Rotgers

    In terms of watching the webinar, I prefer the on-demand version.
    So I’d be more likely to subscribe if I knew it was available right then.

    When I’m looking for a resource I want to dig in when I find it, not wait until next Thursday at 2pm when I’m in the middle of something else.

    Knowing a webinar was recorded hasn’t prevented me from making a purchase.
    Plus, I’m more likely to review it (or parts of it) more than once and sell myself on the idea.

    This makes me a better customer in the long run.

    I’m personally kind of resistant to the “you have until the end of the hour to order” and get it now because there won’t be a replay, too.

    Deadlines and a level of scarcity are necessary but I think in many niches (and if you spend any time in Social Media) we see so much advertising that it’s easy to skip over something that makes you wait.

    That being said – I’d say – don’t put off a webinar because your not ready to automate.

    Set up a time and get people there before you worry about making an automated version.

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    Bruce Hoag

    Live is always better because you’re able to interact with those who attend.

    The challenge is getting enough people to attend.

    If the conversation feed is quiet, everyone will know that hardly anyone is there.

    That could damage your credibility.

    So if you’re sure that you won’t have at least a few hundred people who come to it live, then you probably ought to record it, and then make it available to those who sign up.

    The one thing you must not do is tell people it’s live, but then deliver only a recorded version.

    Doing that makes your stuff look dated; not evergreen.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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