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Dana Cassell

I’ve been sending out a free newsletter about every two weeks, offering it to both members and non-members. I use a text version, but format it in WordPerfect (yes, still prefer WP over Word!) as to font style/size, boldfacing, italics, etc. I use short paragraphs with **** lines clearly separating next topic – so easy to read on any device.

I “publish to HTML,” which Word likely does also. That saves the HTML on my desktop, but also opens it inside a browser window. There a right-click and click on “view page source” (using Chrome, but other browsers must have the same ability) provides the entire document in HTML.

I select all that source code then copy it (control C on a PC).

Next, in Aweber, I send a broadcast message, under “Create a Message” use HTML Editor, then click on “Source” tab and replace the small snippet of code with my saved code, using control v.

Save & Exit, and schedule a mailing, same as a regular email.

The newsletter (or eZine) is mostly helpful tips and links, with in-house promos and periodic affiliate promos as warranted. It’s useful for getting new members and encouraging current members to renew (some are on auto-payment, but most get renewal notices.

Hope this gives you an idea – it’s not as complicated as spelling it out makes it seem LOL

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