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Susan Parnaby

I had a strange experience when planning to use Zoom. I was already well into my stretch zone at that point so this was the last straw.

The denture situation became crazy. I was given appointment cards with the time of the end of the appointment not the start on them then my records were marked DNA i.e. did not attend. Too many of those and they refuse to accpet you as a patient. The first attempt was so incredibly painful to wear that it took 3 or 4 days to recover from wearing it for less than an hour. Eventually I got a second opinion and a new denture but then there was the question of what to do about the first attempt. That was when I started to learn about consumer law and how to make formal complaints. It got to the point where I realised that if anything could to go wrong then it would. It was one thing after another for months. People were trying to do things right but things still went wrong and I started to think that there was an invisible hand at work making things go wrong. If nothing else that helped me maintain my sanity and temper. The entire saga took 8 months to resolve at which point I found the denture I had lost hiding in place where I had looked mroe than once.

At first I thought I would wait until things sort themselves out but they took so long that I gave up trying to meet the deadline I had set myself. I was fighting so hard to sort things out on that front that it was easier to retreat out of that stretch zone. So rather than continuing with just audio I abandoned the whole project. Now I am looking at venturing into back into that stretch zone and wondering how to protect myself from things going wrong again.


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