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Leslie Leftley

Three words Malik,

Testing, testing and testing again.

Until you have tested extensively, you just wont have the raw data to be able to approximate a Return On Investment (ROI).

Once you hit upon the sweet spot (where your sales process is in balance and you are hitting your targets), then you can tweak and improve as you move forward in your business.

The Cost of testing could be a monetary one, or one purely of time invested. Or a mix of both. Dependent upon your own personal circumstance.

There are as many ways to test as there are Internet Marketers, price point testing is a biggie (especially when just starting up).

Or, if using a sales funnel, where the money is being made and where any blocks to purchase can be found.

But, you don’t have to start from scratch. There is a lot of raw data, freely available, out there, about what works now, and what is evergreen, to save you wasting valuable time and money.

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