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Dominic Anderton

I feel your pain, Willie. I have been down the road of shiny object syndrome, and it’s something I continue to struggle with today from time to time. Here’s my advice to you: start thinking like a seller instead of a buyer. I am not saying that you shouldn’t purchase products periodically, but don’t make impulsive buys. Decide, alternatively, whether the offer you are contemplating on purchasing could provide some efficiency in your business. Is it something that could increase my bottom line? So, in a nutshell, you must use rationale in evaluating your decisions on whether to purchase a product. Now, how do you transform from a buyer to seller? It’s easier said than done, as I continue to struggle with this transformation as I pursue my online endeavors.

Here are some tips:

1. Create separate folders identifying the marketers’ the email messages you receive in your inbox;

2. Instead of having those messages going to your inbox, have them to go to the appropriate folders;

3. About once or twice a week, just study the email messages from a marketer’s perspective – e.g., what time do you receive the messages: during the evening hours, midnight, morning, etc.

4. Start taking massive action. This shift requires a mindset shift. You have to define what are your business objective and only laser focus on those goals. One caveat: do not focus on too many business objectives at a time. In other words, don’t start a blog, then start working on launching a product, and then get into web domaining, and on and on. By spreading yourself across too many projects, you will find yourself burned out too quickly and not getting anything accomplished.

Hope these tips help you immensely.

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