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Dana Cassell

Claire, I send out a monthly 8-page print newsletter (34th year, I think) and post the PDF edition inside the Member area (some pay less and do not receive the print edition). I also post resources and trainings (PDFs, videos) inside the Member area and send out an email to members whenever anything is added to the Members area. We also sponsor an annual writing contest, so have a Contests listing page for other contests (as well as our own, of course) and have a separate list (members and non-members) to send a notice to whenever a new contest is posted (probably 1 to 2 times a week on average). That contests page is there mainly to bring people to our site area where we have our own guidelines and entry form posted. I also offer a free PDF download of our monthly newsletter, and they go on a list with several auto-follow-ups; I broadcast to them when I have a special membership offer or affiliate offer etc..

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