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Oh, so many Internet marketers love me for always buying up their products and, as the result of all my desperation, I have created so much credit card debt for me and my husband. And I still haven’t implemented very much at all! It’s because I’ve been so blocked and stuck when it comes to money that I am so motivated and addicted to buying what I cannot afford.

But now the time has finally come for me to actually make some money. Willie, I am finally taking the steps to get my business officially underway and it is only Sean who has gotten me here. Sean really cares and offers the highest quality training available at the best prices. And, thank goodness, because I would never have been able to dig out of this deep hole without him.

Take a lesson from Sean… it’s all about helping as many people as possible. Always will you have a thriving business if you are providing a service people cannot find anywhere else.

♥ Coach Claire

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