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Bruce Hoag

You can, but you need to recognize that in so doing you’ll end up dividing not only your time, but also your thoughts.

This last part is critical, and I don’t think that many people realize that it is.

The two – actually three niches – that you mention could each be emphasized.

And the people you reach will depend on the one they think is central.

If they’re not sure, then you won’t reach anyone.

That’s because niches aren’t just for the entrepreneur. They’re also for your prospects.

Your prospects will evaluate what you offer on its relevance to them.

If they can’t figure out how it relates to them, then they’ll be confused by what you offer.

To prevent that from happening, I suggest that you choose just one, and then make sure that the other one or two conforms to it, rather than trying to pursue two (or three) simultaneously.

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