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    Doria Musaga

    Can I be in 2 niches online at the same time? E.g. health and fitness, and aging?

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    Robert Mason

    Yes, I think so, Doria. I am in 2 niches – spiritual awareness and WordPress training. The first is my passion, while the second is where the money is!

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    Don Sturgill

    Niches often overlap, Doria … healthy aging is a perfect example.

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    Doria Musaga

    Thank you. I feel better already after reading your answers especially since my health and wellness is also aimed at older women.

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    James Dudley

    Sure why not? As long as you’re not spreading yourself thin of course. I would build them one at a time as opposed to both.

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    Tina Fletcher

    I agree nothing wrong with two niches only challenge is making sure you do focused work in each, if you can do that awesome 🙂

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    Bruce Hoag

    You can, but you need to recognize that in so doing you’ll end up dividing not only your time, but also your thoughts.

    This last part is critical, and I don’t think that many people realize that it is.

    The two – actually three niches – that you mention could each be emphasized.

    And the people you reach will depend on the one they think is central.

    If they’re not sure, then you won’t reach anyone.

    That’s because niches aren’t just for the entrepreneur. They’re also for your prospects.

    Your prospects will evaluate what you offer on its relevance to them.

    If they can’t figure out how it relates to them, then they’ll be confused by what you offer.

    To prevent that from happening, I suggest that you choose just one, and then make sure that the other one or two conforms to it, rather than trying to pursue two (or three) simultaneously.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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    Loreen McKellar

    Dan Lok said you should aim to dominate the market. Take a section and create your unique product, research it, hone it.

    As suggested you can intermingle your ideas – in fact any “new” idea these days is simply an amalgamation of two or more old ideas – iphone = telephone and computer (and everything else).

    I find focussing on one thing makes me home in on articles, books, videos I may have missed before. It is as if my idea is everywhere.

    Going after two rabbits will leave you tired and hungry.

    "The Brain Fixer Upper"

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    Bob Moore

    I would hazard a guess that there are a multitude of marketers who are in two, three, or 12 niches. You’re perfectly fine. Just don’t spread yourself too thin.

    You want people to see you as an authority in a niche or two, but if you’re all over the internet you may lose some credibility.

    Focus on one or two niches and become an expert in each.

    Experts always tell you to focus on what you know. This is true to an extent. For example, my wife and I love cooking, jam making, and wine. Can we make a living in any of those niches? Probably. Would any one of them be the focus of my business? Probably not. That’s just me. I like to focus on one ginormous niche or many smaller ones that will not only make me money, but also help others realize their dreams.

    But swing for the fences. Go for health, wealth, and relationships. There are so many sub-niches there that you’ll never be lacking.

    To your success,

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    Norma Allen

    Hi Doria.

    I like Don’s comment about overlap. How does this sound? – “Staying Healthy and Fit as You Get Older.”

    I’m guessing these are both important topics to you because you have your own “skin in the game,” as they say. We are all getting older and we all want to be healthy and fit.

    Sometimes, too, you need to drill down and get very specific about who your target market is. You could certainly target active senior women who want to stay healthy. It’s a HUGE market.

    Wishing you success! Post your links on your profile when you’re ready. I’d love to see what you’re up to!

    Norma Esler

    Norma Esler

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Doria,

    Of course you can be involved in two niches, and there are plenty of possible crossovers between the two you are interested in. So have a think about that also

    What I would suggest is to adopt a separate persona for each niche you want to go into. The persona should genuinely reflect the needs of the typical person, within the niche, you want to serve, an avatar if you will.

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    Don Sturgill

    Right on, Norma. Within every niche, there’s a sub-niche. If you’ve not yet used Sean’s matrix idea for topics, check it out.

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    Sean Mize


    great comment about 2 niches dividing thought . . .

    my feeling is that if you go with 2 niches, start with one for 6 months, make it profitable FIRST then add the 2nd niche . . .


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    Bruce Hoag

    I agree with you, Sean, probably because you have taught it in the past. 😉

    It’s easy to add a niche once you dominate the market in one.

    That’s because you know how to do it.

    Trying to dominate two or more simultaneously without knowing how to do it at all makes your job twice as hard; and if the goal is to have a successful online business, then why not make it as easy on yourself as you can?

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Mark Rhodes


    I immediately thought of Venn diagrams.

    A simple Venn diagram for you would be two circles that overlap in the middle. One circle is health/wellness/fitness. The other circle is things that interest older women.

    The intersection in the middle is really ONE niche: “health and wellness aimed at older women.” It’s beautiful in that you have the interest, AND it’s a huge, profitable market with many ways to benefit your clients. As you conquer that, you can decide whether to spread out into the parts of either circle beyond the overlap.

    I’m certainly willing to help you think things through as I have been living in that niche for 21 years.


    All About Health And Healing

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    I plan to be in more than 1 niche eventually.

    But I have to remember that acronym, F.O.C.U.S. —
    Follow One Course Until Successful

    Meaning, in my case, that I get the entire funnel set up before moving on to my other niche.

    I know for me, this is the only way to do it. Otherwise, I’ll dilute my efforts and never get any of them fully accomplished.

    Once my 1st site is up and essentially a well-oiled machine that I’m maintaining, then I’ll start to think about building the next one.

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