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Bob Moore

I would hazard a guess that there are a multitude of marketers who are in two, three, or 12 niches. You’re perfectly fine. Just don’t spread yourself too thin.

You want people to see you as an authority in a niche or two, but if you’re all over the internet you may lose some credibility.

Focus on one or two niches and become an expert in each.

Experts always tell you to focus on what you know. This is true to an extent. For example, my wife and I love cooking, jam making, and wine. Can we make a living in any of those niches? Probably. Would any one of them be the focus of my business? Probably not. That’s just me. I like to focus on one ginormous niche or many smaller ones that will not only make me money, but also help others realize their dreams.

But swing for the fences. Go for health, wealth, and relationships. There are so many sub-niches there that you’ll never be lacking.

To your success,

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