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Susan Parnaby

Why do people sell stuff in the IM market?
They know there are hungry customers willing to spend money.

Seriously it is no different to chocolate or sweet sugary foods. People have a desire so other people are willing to sell to them. There was a time when I struggled to work out what to eat as so many things made me feel ill. The list included fish, red meat, dairy, lentils, cauliflower, mushrooms and chocolate.

It was a nightmare going shopping. With that list I would find there was very little that I could eat. I would walk into some shops that were designed to serve the low income market and the first 20 feet of aisle space was chocolate and sweets. There was one shop that felt like a war zone. They were trying to sell all sorts of things that would not do me good and it actually felt oppressive walking into the store. Other shops were not so bad but the war and battle analogy is one that works very well in the retail business. We will put this here and that there so that people will be more likely to buy what we want them to buy. We will tell those who don’t care what they spend but want a product that seems higher quality that this higher priced one is better than that one when in reality there is very little difference between.

Two things have happened since the darkest days of that struggle. One is I have got used to the limitations. I know to look at the ingredients of a vegetarian burger to see if there is any soy, cauliflower or tomato in it. This is more common than you would think. I know that there are parts of the supermarket that it is simply not worth my while looking for something I can eat. I go to the free from section rather than the dairy section for example.

The other is that once I got used to the severe restrictions my digestion healed enough so that I could eat the occasional item that I previously eliminated from my diet. I do have chicken and pickle sandwiches these days as long as I don’t overdo the pickle I am fine. But I don’t put vinegar on my oven chips.

If you are on a see food and eat it diet then you will end up eating what is not good for you. That is exactly what the food retailers want. They want to sell food. Given the various food scandals that pop up here there and everywhere there are times when it is obvious that their definition of what is fit to eat is somewhat dubious at times.

The IM world is no different. We gorge ourselves on everything to start with then when we get sick we either abandon the whole idea of find a diet that suits us. The tricky bit is finding the right diet for us. There also the occasional scandal as one of the people who I followed online in the early days has since spent time in jail after lying on a loan application. The charges were unrelated to their online activities but it showed a definite character flaw. You think you can trust people but then something happens and you question their integrity.


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