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Susan Parnaby

The problem is that if you do find the best day then everyone else will gravitate towards that best day. Once that happens the best day will become the worst day. I was once told that Thursday was the best day to do webinars. Before I knew it the world and his wife were doing webinars on Thursday nights. Thursday nights were overloaded with webinars. Then some people realised what was happening and they were more spread out.

The answer therefore has to be it depends on your audience. Are they like to be going to a mid-week meeting on a Wednesday night? Would it be a good iea to start the week with a bang on a Monday? Are they too tired and distracted to do much on a Friday?

There again you can guess all you like but until you test what you are doing or just ask your audience you will not know the answer for certain. Maybe I should not say for certain because nothing is set in stone.


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