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    James Dudley

    I’m not sure about webinars but Product launches are more competitive tuesday through thursday than friday through monday. I’ve been told that it’s because tuesday through thursday launches tend to do better.

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      Robert Mason

      James, that is very interesting. However, I tend to go for the weekend when I feel that people have more time to consider what is being offered.

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    Suzanne Sukhram

    I have also heard that Tuesdays should be avoided, and I’ve noticed that Wednesdays seem to be popular for launches as well.

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    People are probably more distracted over the weekend and not ready to get down to business until their work week is underway…

    These days, though, Sean says that product launches don’t work the way they used to. It’s a new online world.

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    Scott Hogue

    I have this idea about product launches I am going to try as I build this funnel.

    I will be sending them material, content and explaining what I do to promote my big ticket product.

    Then I will do a personal launch. I won’t let them buy the product and say so, until they have been exposed to what I do, how it works and so on, then I will do a personal launch for them.

    “Over the last 27 days I have sent you xyz and you see how I use xyz to help people remove seeds from strawberries 😉 ….
    now that I think you understand what is possible and the commitment you must make …. I am offering you my abc program for the next three days…. I only want to work with serious people that I know I can help….

    Something like that,
    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
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    The thread on this group that explains it:

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      Mark Rhodes

      Your personal launch idea is unique to me. I like it for high-ticket, and perhaps more for higher-ticket, because it helps develop relationship. For low-ticket, it would present too much management for you I suppose.

      For webinars, I’m not all that experienced, but I have done a few for doctors. I try to hit the compromise for my preferred timing and take into account that they are seeing patients all day. The intersection has been 4pm Thursdays Pacific Time. A number of my West Coast doctors will knock off early to attend live late in their work day.

      The link I send out is good for the live event and for the replay. Of course, I send out reminders for the replay and get maybe two or three times the audience. I have those interested in my coaching fill out an online form. We set a time to talk to determine if we are a match, so to speak. That would function like a personal launch I guess.


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    Susan Parnaby

    The problem is that if you do find the best day then everyone else will gravitate towards that best day. Once that happens the best day will become the worst day. I was once told that Thursday was the best day to do webinars. Before I knew it the world and his wife were doing webinars on Thursday nights. Thursday nights were overloaded with webinars. Then some people realised what was happening and they were more spread out.

    The answer therefore has to be it depends on your audience. Are they like to be going to a mid-week meeting on a Wednesday night? Would it be a good iea to start the week with a bang on a Monday? Are they too tired and distracted to do much on a Friday?

    There again you can guess all you like but until you test what you are doing or just ask your audience you will not know the answer for certain. Maybe I should not say for certain because nothing is set in stone.


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    Steve Allen

    I’m assuming that the launch, offer or webinar you’re asking about is in the IM niche (maybe shouldn’t assume that) but if it is… just look at some of the big names at to see when the well-known names in the IM niche launch products. They do what they do for a reason. Most of them avoid weekends so weekdays must be better. What Robert Mason says seems to make common sense to me but I’ve learned over the years that what I think doesn’t really matter as much as what ‘the market’ thinks. So what they all say…test and then test again… makes the best sense.

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    Don Sturgill

    Look first to your audience, Scott. Match up with them. Test with your emails first.

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    Bruce Hoag

    The best way to find out the best time is to ask your subscribers.

    Failing that, there are various tools you can use that will tell you when your followers are online.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
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    I agree with Bruce… there are so very many theories out there, but you can’t go wrong asking your subscribers.

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    You’re right, Susan… as soon as they come up with the latest study on this and publish it, the best day of the week changes!

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    Sean Mize

    I think a lot of it depends on YOUR audience and HOW you’ve conditioned them . . .

    I have days where I do more business than others . . but it’s the same days I focus on more because it’s my own schedule!

    And some of my clients have big days that are different from mine . . .

    So I think it’s really a matter of studying your own audience and their engagement.

    For example, if you sent a daily email each day for 30 days, and then tracked open rates by day of the week, do some days (say, Wed) get more opens than others?

    Do certain times of the day get more response for YOU?

    And it depends on your niche . . if you talk with most folks on their business email .. . they are more likely to be online 9-5, whereas if you talk with most folks during their off-time, that might mean 6-9 during the week . . .

    So use some logic, then try it out, and be sure to keep track of each email and response on a spreadsheet so you can track what’s working.


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    Bruce Hoag

    These are the little glimpses of your business that you give us from time to time, Sean.


    Bruce Hoag PhD
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