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Scott Hogue

Sean teaches something I and others have been saying for years, but I don’t hear anyone but Sean teaching it in IM.

Find your purpose. Figure out how you can help people in your personal way. Discover your drive, your desire to solve a problem or area of problems. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you will find it hard to stick to it. If you aren’t helping the world by helping people, then there will be no long term success in what you do.

If you have little knowledge in that area, realize your interest in that area is truly valuable.

This is a people business, even though through the internet it isn’t face to face. The Chinese say a man without a smile shouldn’t open a shop. You have to find the work where your “Smile” is.

When I went to Africa as a missionary, I had no super, special missionary training, but I did more good the first day than 500 people that said it couldn’t be done. Start where you are and just pitch in.

In 12 step programs they want you to believe in a power greater than you and outside of you. The reason is, when you come up on a problem greater than your strength and personal resources, if you have access to a higher power you still have hope and a path to victory.

It isn’t popular to say it, but there is a spiritual element to success and a truly happy life. It is through helping others, charity, contribution and giving of ourselves that gives our life meaning and provides our greatest happiness.

When I wonder and doubt I know what I am doing, since I believe we all have a purpose and are intended to help people, I still believe God knows what He is doing.

If you are really helping people, then you can’t fail. Help people first and the money and ways to grow will come later, but if the foundation isn’t helping people, then anything you do is unsustainable.

Search your heart. Find the place you can help people. Then examine what you are doing. Does this advance you in helping people in your personal way? If so proceed without fear. If not back up and get back on that path. That is your test and compass.

Don’t listen to critics. Don’t expect overnight progress. Just move ahead and in time you will be surprised at how far you have traveled.

I never did anything to help someone that I ever regretted. When you help others you know you are on the right track.

Scott Hogue CChH

Scott Hogue CChH
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