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Leslie Leftley

Hi again Scott,

I am largely in agreement with you, and am also no longer a great fan of the true “Live webinar”. There is nothing wrong with the principal, in theory, and with a replay you can always return to it. I think what is happening now, however, is a lot of people being turned off by the longer webinars. They tend to begin with a long, boring biographical intro, followed by a hurried technical learning session, (which you would have to watch half a dozen times to take any notes of value). Finally you get the over extended, overlong sales pitch. The product is usually expensive, attendees then feel cheated, because the value of learning they thought they were going to get never emerged. Lastly, they hang on so long to squeeze the last dollars from those willing to pay for the high end offer, that they sadly neglect to answer genuine questions from attendees, especially those who do not wish to purchase. All a lot of them do is call out and congratulate those who have the financial means and willingness to buy their offer.

If you can bring back the honesty into the longer, live webinars, and give away genuinely up to date, usable knowledge. Also offer something of real value FREE to all those remaining to the end, then people would not leave in such large numbers during the webinar. no long boring intros, no false sense of urgency, no rushing through the valuable learning material. And always a PDF handout.

Just my thoughts.

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