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Bruce Hoag

I know what you mean about a book with a few sentences and a lot of lines.

Personally, I’m put off by them. I feel like I’m buying a pad of paper. LOL

That said, there are other ways to create a workbook.

You could, for example, tell a story that illustrates the point you’re trying to make, and then tell people to take out a sheet of paper, or their tablet, or computer and then write down their ideas to . . . – and then list your questions.

Then the workbook becomes a kind of supplement to the main book and, in fact, you could market it as such.

You could create it in a diary form: one small daily task. Think of the little books you’ve seen with pithy comments, a thought for the day, and a question.

You could append the workbook content at the end of each chapter in your ebook, and then charge more for it, but less than if people bought the two separately. Then, in the product description, you could spell out the differences between the two.

Some people will prefer to have it all in one. Others will opt to have them separate.

What do you think?

Bruce Hoag PhD
The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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