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Leslie Leftley

Hi Sean,

I just placed this comment (see below) in the “Accountability” question asked section. This is a small group but already I have noticed several people suggesting breaking off to form Masterminds groups etc etc. I just want to know how you stand as I don’t think the reason for setting up this group is well served by splintering. The comments are all well meaning and should NEVER be stifled but they do concern me.

Hi Don and all other contributors,

The title of this thread (Accountability) is indeed important, indeed essential for everyone, especially procrastinators like me. But this group has literally only just become a reality and we are already discussing sub groups, Facebook groups. Mastermind groups.

One of the reasons I joined this group was to avoid the Facebook type group, which always get out of hand, with a few experts being stretched to the limits by greedy and needy people unwilling to learn for themselves.

I also believe that this community is far too small to start splintering into more advanced mastermind groups. I for one am a novice and with little to offer practically to those already, at least, partially successful with their online endeavours. I, for one, would quickly become disheartened. I need to knuckle down, make a solid start and be accountable for someone or a number of people for my ongoing, positive progress. There is room for all levels to interact, so please let’s NOT extricate the more expert among us just to form a clique within the more meaningful whole.

Now please don’t think I am some kind of killjoy. I applaud the group getting together, discussing things openly. But please don’t start to form sub groups, at least not for a while. I honestly do not think it is withing the spirit of the community as, I believe, Sean sees it.

Come on guys this is a small enough community for us not to start going off on Skype or forming FB groups. By all means network for personal or mutual benefits, but if those private arrangements are purely of benefit to the two, or more, involved then these should really become an external matter, because they then become “private” business arrangement separate from the core reason for this community.

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