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Norma Allen

Hi Diana,

You can change the size of your images right in the WordPress editor.

Just use the text editor instead of the visual editor. (Try not to let all that code intimidate you!) Each image has a tag around it that indicates its size, location, etc. The size part will look like this: width=”xxx” height=”xxx”

If you want all your images “medium sized.” Just change the width attribute to width=”300″ (or whatever looks good) and eliminate the height attribute altogether. WordPress will automatically change the height proportionately.

So, this… width=”xxx” height=”xxx”

becomes width=”300″

Or whatever number you choose. If you have already selected “medium” images, you can’t make them bigger without losing clarity. Just go back and choose the big images and use the code to make them smaller.

Preview your page as you go to ensure your sizes look good.

If you mess up and your pages look crazy, the top right box of your editor has a Revisions option that lets you go back to a previous version of your page. You can’t kill your site in the Post/Page editor.

If you can get past the idea of looking at all that code, this is the easiest way to get your images exactly the right size.

You can do it!

Norma Esler

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