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Mark Rhodes

Your personal launch idea is unique to me. I like it for high-ticket, and perhaps more for higher-ticket, because it helps develop relationship. For low-ticket, it would present too much management for you I suppose.

For webinars, I’m not all that experienced, but I have done a few for doctors. I try to hit the compromise for my preferred timing and take into account that they are seeing patients all day. The intersection has been 4pm Thursdays Pacific Time. A number of my West Coast doctors will knock off early to attend live late in their work day.

The link I send out is good for the live event and for the replay. Of course, I send out reminders for the replay and get maybe two or three times the audience. I have those interested in my coaching fill out an online form. We set a time to talk to determine if we are a match, so to speak. That would function like a personal launch I guess.


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