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Susan Parnaby

Why is it that some words trigger memories? When I think of obsession I think of the times when I needed to get to work and had not tried to catch the bus because I had the offer of a lift. I then found my nerves on edge as the person who offered to give me a lift was so obsessed with washing their hands that they struggled to stop. I was thankful if they took less than 15 minutes. I was stuck if I had tried catching the bus I would have faced a torrent of verbal abuse that erupted out of their hurt feelings. If I didn’t there was a big risk that I would be late. I did try and get to the classroom to set the room up before the learners arrived so that helped create a bit of a buffer. Many times though it was touch and go if I would get there before the class started.

There are definitely some things that you do not want to get obsessed with!

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